Elegant Blue and White Tablescape

Sometimes it is just dinner for four that calls for a pretty table. It doesn’t have to be a holiday or a special occasion for me to want to set a pretty table. Having another couple join my husband and I for dinner is enough for me to bring out the china and silver. I might even be motivated enough by my desire to set a pretty table to invite people to join us for dinner.

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You will often see see my dining room table dressed in blue and white. The walls of my dining room are painted Admiral Blue by Benjamin Moore. When we first married my husband “blued” me to death. There was blue wallpaper, a blue sofa, blue everything, so much that I swore off blue for 30 years. Now, things have come full circle and I love and have embraced blue throughout my home again.

The china I used this evening is my Kate Spade New York Larabee Road Collection in platinum. I used Spruzzo Chargers from Z Gallerie in blue. They are not currently available in blue, but they tell me they may be available again. Currently they are available in gold, silver and white.

Red and pink roses may not seem like the immediate choice for the flowers for a blue and white tablescape, but I have yet to find a good source for flowers in my area of Florida. I rely on grocery store flowers and sometimes what I have in mind is not what they happen to have in the store. When I was hosting this dinner, there was not a white rose or white lily in the store. So, red and pink it was, and now that I look back at the photos, I don’t think I would have been as happy with a simple white centerpiece.

This lovely tablecloth is from Ralph Lauren. It is no longer available as a new cloth, but I see it available occasionally on ebay or Poshmark. There are still so many different rich blue tablecloths that I am sure you can find something to recreate a similar look should you desire.

Blue goblets and cut crystal goblets were paired on this table for beverages. Neither of these were particularly expensive. A set of eight blue goblets can be purchased for $27.99 from Walmart. The crystal goblets are Marquis by Waterford. Right now they are on sale at Neiman Marcus at $35 for a set of four.

I brought out the silver flatware my mother gave me. Some of this silver was my grandmother’s, handed down to my mother, and some was additional that my mother collected over time. I am so happy that she did as it gives me twelve place settings should I ever want to use it all. An interesting note about it is that they broke the mold after they first cast the silver and when they went to make more, the new mold has a smaller knife handle. No one seems to notice when I mix them on the table.

Digging through my napkin rings, I spotted these oversized ‘diamond’ rings and thought they would add a little glitz and glamour to my table setting. As I often like to do, I layered cloth napkins of two shades of blue to pull through the napkin rings.

I don’t have a lot of salt and pepper shakers, which is interesting because my grandmother had a huge collection of them. I remember as a child when we went to visit there were several we were allowed to play with. There were the wooden pigs in a pig pen and the metal carpet sweepers, one white and one black for salt and pepper respectively. These little birds sat in nicely should anyone need salt and pepper this particular evening.

A pair of silver plate candelabras graced the table with white tapers. These were a gift to me from my husband many years ago and I cannot count the number of times I have used them over the years.

Every dinner needs a delightful dessert, doesn’t it? Indulging in my favorite dinner party entree of Individual Beef Wellington, meant I wanted to keep dessert light. I knew my guests would feel the same, so a martini glass of fresh berries was all that was needed to finish off the lovely evening. Do you have friends you would enjoy inviting for a dinner party? Would your family or friends appreciate the effort you would put into a dinner party like this?

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  1. you got me to chuckle on the ‘blued me to death’ story! beautiful table & love the sentiments of your tablescape items.

  2. Perfection, Cloe! I would be delighted to join the fun at this lovely setting. It shows how much you care about your guests, and it’s inspiring, too, to put spread the beauty!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Alda! Yes, I love that silver, it is so much lovelier than just using stainless steel flatware. I am on the lookout for pieces I can add to a couple of patterns, but you know it is SO expensive. It also troubles me that so many beautiful patterns are being turned into “spoon rings”. I have a couple of knives with a gorgeous ivy pattern and fear I will never find any of the other pieces.

  3. I love the blue and white! Two years ago, I found a stack of Blue Willow and bought it for $21. Quite the find. I couldn’t bear to part with it and most of it now resides in an antique corner cupboard. I had invited a friend over for lunch after Christmas last year and had her select the china we’d use. She spotted the Blue Willow and exclaimed, “Mama had that china!” We use it every time she visits for a meal now!

    1. Oh how lovely that must have been for your friend! What a find that was! I never seem to hit the right sales, things are already gone or are so overpriced! I have to expand my searches. A couple of blogging friends and I are talking about doing one of those 100 mile yard sale things next summer, don’t those sound like fun?

      1. Oh, I have always wanted to go to that 100 mile Sale. Will you take me with you Just kidding, at 85 I can’t even think about a sale like that, but do go and enjoy every minute, then tell me all about your trip.

        1. Wouldn’t that be fun? I am still looking to see if there is one of those big sales closer to me in Florida! If I find one, I will for sure share all about it right here!

    1. Thank you so much. Maybe this one works because it is an actual dinner party table setting that I used when I had another couple join my husband and I for dinner now that we have all been vaccinated? I know sometimes I get a little ‘over the top’ with my theme tables, that is just my dramatic side coming out LOL! Thank you for letting me know how much you like this one!

  4. This is BLUEtiful ! I love how creative you are.

    I love to have a lovely presentation and I was hoping some outdoor ideas could be shown. I kind of get stuck . Any fun family table ideas ?

    Thank you for all you do.

  5. This table setting was beautiful. I also loved the story about everything being blue. I have a similar one but it was all about pink and purple bedroom that I grew up in and had till I was in my early 20’s. My carpeting was even a purple shag. After that purple and pink was off limits for me for 20 years or so and last year like you I have embraced pink and especially purple in all things.

    1. Oh Kim, I am laughing about your pink and purple bedroom! I can imagine that purple shag carpet! Did you have to rake it? I remember that long shag carpet had to be raked! It is funny how things can come full circle for us after so many years, isn’t it? Although, I am sure you don’t have purple shag carpet!

  6. Just found you and love your table settings…plan to review more of
    your projects. Thank you for sharing. Va in NC

    1. Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by and I truly appreciate you leaving a comment! I love hearing from my readers! Please feel free to let me know what it is you would like to see!

  7. Hi Chloe

    I agree none other centerpiece would have done justice to your beautiful table settings. It must have been a treat for your guests. I love the dessert (LOL) fresh and healthy.

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