Extremely Easy Valentine Rice Krispie Treats

I headed out to Gordon Food Service Marketplace to buy one of their giant size Rice Krispie Treats like I have purchased from them in the past, only to discover that the GFS Marketplace in Florida doesn’t carry them.  I was really disappointed since I had planned to use my cookie cutters to cut them into hearts and then give them a pink frosted treatment.  Since that wasn’t going to work, I just bought a box of the the pre-packaged Rice Krispie treats and decided to go with what I had.   Valentine's-Krispie-Treats

When I tell you these, are easy, they  are EASY!  Unwrap the treats, stick a lollipop into each treat.  Get yourself some canned cake frosting.  I used Pillsbury Strawberry Frosting.  Take one quarter to one half cup frosting, put it in a microwave proof bowl and heat it on 50% power for about 10 seconds.  This will liquify the frosting, you may now spoon it over the top half of your treat to coat it.  Let the excess frosting drip off back into your bowl.  If you want to let the frosting harden and then add another coat of frosting, you may.  I found I could get enough on in one coat.  Valentine-Rice-Krispie-Treats

When you are pleased with the amount of frosting on your treats, add some Valentine’s sprinkles.  I then stand my treats in a block of styrofoam to finish drying.  I tied a small red ribbon on each stick for a little extra touch of red.   Valentine's-Treats-DisplayI displayed my treats in a bowl of red hot candies, but to make them stand up nicely, I wrapped a small piece of styrofoam in plastic wrap and hid it down in the red hots.  Poking the sticks into the styrofoam keeps your treats upright.  You can see above, they also look pretty displayed out on a pretty dish.  Rice-Krispie-treat-pops-for-Valentine's-Day

These are great treats to get older kids involved in creating.  There are no hot candy melts involved, and the frosting isn’t too hot coming out of the microwave.  Kids love deciding which sprinkles to put on their treats (and how many sprinkles)!

Valentine's Rice-Krispie-Treats I hope you have as much fun creating these treats as I did, and enjoy indulging in them, or just wrapping them up and sharing them with friends, family and neighbors!  These make such a sweet little Valentine to share!

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