Beautiful White Kitchen with lovely wood floor

14 Amazing Kitchens That Inspire

Since I shared that this will be a new house year for me, that will mean a new kitchen.  I surely hope my new kitchen will be more spacious than the one in my condominium AND have more counter space AND more storage space!  It is hard to get creative in the kitchen when the kitchen hampers all you try to do.  I look through my crowded little closet pantry and miss ingredients since it is stuffed to  the rafters!  I don’t even know exactly what I would want for a kitchen, even if I won the Lottery and had an unlimited budget to design my dream kitchen.

Stunning Middlesex Kitchen with white cabinets and a beautiful island.
Source: Real in Darien

I love these cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling in the kitchen above.  The island in this kitchen is lovely, but I think I would like a pop of color to break up all the white.

Source: Vectormu

I had a kitchen in a former home with stained cabinets and a black painted island.  I like the mix of finishes in a kitchen.

Weathered stone and cabinets in a kitchen.
Source: Veranda

What about the weathered elements in this kitchen?  Do you like the cabinets which look like furniture, the rough stone around and behind the stove.  This is a stunning kitchen, but I don’t think this is the style for me.

Distressed painted kitchen cabinets

I appreciate the artistry of these lovely distressed painted cabinets, I just don’t know if I would have the confidence to install them in my home, would you?

Beautiful White Kitchen with lovely wood floor
Source: Houzz

This is probably my favorite kitchen I have found on my search around the internet.  I love the rustic floor with the crisp white cabinets.  The big island would be great for rolling out cookies with my granddaughters.

Fine kitchen cabinetry in a rustic home with a beautiful wood ceiling.
Source: Rate Core
Beautiful ceiling in this stunning kitchen
Source: Delightfully Chic

The kitchens above are beautiful with elegant cabinetry and interesting ceiling treatments in both of them.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I will have the opportunity to have an incredible ceiling like these kitchens.

Amazing White Kitchen with stunning windows
Source: Home Bunch

Wow are these windows amazing in this kitchen.  I don’t know that I will have windows like this, but I could sure beef up the molding around windows in my kitchen.

The three kitchens above could easily sway me to use gray cabinetry, these are just beautiful!  Do you think gray would work for the long term, or would you tire of it?

If it works out in my kitchen, I would love to have a bench built in at the table like the one in the above.  Having a banquette like this really frees up a lot of floor space around your table, too.

Source: Veranda

Is this kitchen too blue?  This is Jennifer Lopez’s home.  This is very pretty, I am just too afraid to commit to a color like that for kitchen cabinets.  Cabinetry is too large of an investment to commit to something I might grow tired of.

White kitchen with a pop of pale blue
Source: Mitchell Wall Architecture
The pop of pale blue is lovely in this kitchen, perhaps I need to begin thinking about colors in my new home…wait, I need to get the house first.  Today the hubby and I looked at a couple of open houses, both of which would need complete kitchen renovations.  As much as I am not looking forward to another renovation, I know it would be wonderful to get to plan my own kitchen from the walls out.  Do you have a favorite feature of your kitchen or even of your dream kitchen?  Which one of these kitchens would you choose?  I would love to hear what you think is your favorite thing in a kitchen.

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  1. Chloe; I enjoyed looking at the kitchen designs. Love the all white cabinetry but agree a splash of color is needed. Like the bench idea, too. Rustic flooring would be my choice in my dream kitchen. Rustic, distressed cabinetry and all gray color is not my favorite. Moldings add a classic look. I can just see the girls baking cookies and flour everywhere!

  2. Hi Chloe
    I love love all white kitchens. I have a small one and still love it though its 15years olf and needs an update (on my honey do list) I painted the wall too many different colours to remember but my favorite is grey it, it highlights the kitchen beautifully. Have fun deciding and decorating!

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