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Six Food ideas for your Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice in Wonderland continues to be a popular theme for parties of all kinds.  I get so much feedback on the Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower I held a couple of years ago now.  You can see all of the pictures from that event here.  Today, however, I wanted to share all kinds of ideas both mine and others for great food for any Alice in Wonderland Party.

Marshmallow teacups


How about making these cute little marshmallow “teacups”?  I found these at  You can link there and see the recipe and directions for creating these treats.

Jaberwocky Juice

For my Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower I served up “Jabberwocky Juice” (watermelon soup) in individual jars.

Alice in Wonderland Party Foods

Individual casseroles of macaroni and cheese become Alice in Wonderland themed when you make it with bow tie pasta and call it Mad Hatter’s Bowties and Cheese!

Cheshire Cat Cupcakes

These cute little Cheshire Cat cupcakes are sure to be a hit at your Alice-themed event!  You can find all the directions at

Here is a different twist on a Cheshire Cat!  A cheese ball!  Almond teeth and tortilla ears help create this yummy cat!Alice in Wonderland Cookies

How about cookies that say “eat me” and a teacup-shaped cookie that says “drink me”?

Keep in mind how Alice grew and shrunk.  Create foods that are tiny or large.  Make a cake that looks like it is a cupcake.  Make tiny little finger sandwiches.  Be creative and give your foods labels to tie them into your Wonderland theme!  Have fun!

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    1. Chloe Crabtree says:

      Thanks Sandra!

  1. kenda Roberts says:

    Could you tell me what you used for the outside of the cheese ball ? This looks really cute. The purple color.

    1. That isn’t my creation, I was just sharing it. I am wondering if you could just toss any herb you want to use with purple food coloring.

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