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Buy Christmas Ornaments Now!

DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations

Head out and buy those Christmas ornaments right now for these fun Halloween decorations.  You are probably thinking, what am I talking about?  Crazy woman here, right?  I learned my lesson last year when I was trying to get those big oversized ornaments for my Christmas ornament topiaries .  Fun Halloween DecorationsGuess what, these jumbo ornaments disappear really early.  They disappear even faster if you are looking for these in Halloween colors, like black or orange or purple.  Get out and get those ornaments now and while you are out, pick up some fun Halloween picks or glittery spiders and Halloween ribbons.

Fun Halloween Decorations

I perched my ornaments in some ice cream sundae dishes to be able to work on them.  Any glass or bowl that supports your ornaments and keeps them from rolling around will do the trick here.

Fun Halloween DecorationsI picked up these small circles of Styrofoam at my local Dollar Tree.  I didn’t use these on all of my ornaments, but on some of them.

Fun Halloween DecorationsPut the Styrofoam over the top of your ornament and press it down so you have an idea of where you will want to make a hole in the Styrofoam.  Using scissors or a screwdriver make a hole all the way through the styrofoam.

Fun Halloween DecorationsTie some fun Halloween ribbons to the top of your ornament.  Tie one long one you will use to suspend your ornament from.


Fun Halloween DecorationsFeed the hanging ribbon through the hole and push the Styrofoam down onto the top of your ornament.  Fun Halloween DecorationsNow to the fun part!  Get out your Halloween picks, cut them apart and start making a little arrangement on top of your ornament.  These two picks came off of a stem from Dollar Tree. Fun Halloween DecorationsTie a fluffy two ribbon bow and attach it to the top of your foam circle, pulling the hanging ribbon around the sides of the bow so you can still hang it.  Fun Halloween DecorationsContinue to add Halloween trim until the foam is completely hidden and you have a fun Halloween decoration to display!  Fun Halloween DecorationsIf you want to try a simpler method, just hot glue your ribbons and decorations to the top of your ornament like shown above.  Fun Halloween DecorationsAdd a big spider to the top of an ornament and some tiny glittery balls to hang below!  Finish it off with a Halloween ribbon!  Fun Halloween DecorationsEven the small ornaments can be accented for the holiday!  DIY Halloween OrnamentsThe great thing is that you can get as creative as you want with these ornaments!  Have fun making your Halloween hanging ornaments!

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  1. You have the best ideas! These make the perfect Halloween decorations with your simple methods. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chloe, I just keep saying “you are so creative”! These are so cute, and would be fun to make with children! Stay safe

    1. You are so kine Pam! Just don’t let the little ones use hot glue! Have them use craft glue!!

    1. Thank you Jenna! I am always disappointed when I head out to find some holiday stuff and it is all gone. Those giant ornaments go really fast, and I don’t think the stores get very many of them!

  3. Chloe, I know I have said this before, but you are so creative and talented! You come up with some of the best ideas. These are adorable! If I ever get finished unpacking and painting, I may have to try to make some of these. My kids would love these. Stay safe and take care, sweet friend!

  4. Chloe you are on fire with these DIY projects! Each one is more amazing than the next and isn’t HGTV blowing up your inbox with offers? Keep em coming girl!!!

  5. Leah Daniel says:

    Would love to do this but for the second year in a row I can’t find the Halloween colored large balls.

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