Halloween Tablescape in Gold and Black

I do love to entertain for the Halloween! How about you? I always have so many Halloween tablescape ideas that it is often difficult to decide what my Halloween party tablescape is going to be! This year I decided to go with all gold and black!

I am so happy to be joining twenty other bloggers in a Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop hosted by Rita from Panoply! At the end of this post, make sure you spend some time touring all of the tables created by these talented table stylists!

Halloween Tablescape Place Setting:

The place setting for my Halloween table is rather simple this year. Gold beaded placemats I have had for years set off the ornate black chargers from the black tablecloth. You could get a similar look by alternating black plates with a gold charger. Pops of gold make this tablescape elegant!

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This modern gold flatware set was just perfect! I bought this back in January 2021. I wanted to make sure I share the link with you today, because it is currently on sale at 41% OFF! You can find it and purchase it here.

Glass gold leaf dinner plates make for an elegant Halloween tablescape.

I selected clear glass crystal stemware for serving water and wine at my Halloween dinner. I considered black wine glasses, but I thought the table was getting a little dark. Clear glass always reflects nicely and adds a little sparkle in the candlelight.

How to fold a napkin like a bat:

I almost used skeleton hand napkin rings for this tablescape. I don’t usually bother with creative napkin folding, but with a very simple plate stack for this tablescape. Black napkins were folded into these elegant bat shapes. I am giving myself a bonus point for the creative napkin folding!

Begin with a good quality cloth napkin freshly laundered and ironed.

Use square napkins. Mine are 18 inches square.

Fold the napkin in half matching opposite points together. You will fold it the direction of the red arrow. The green arrow is showing you the folded edge.
Fold the napkin on the diagonal one more time following the red arrow above.
Fold the middle point up as shown.
Fold up one wing as shown.

Fold up the second wing and you have a bat!

If it would help you to see a video, you can click on this link to watch it on Pinterest!

Halloween Centerpiece:

14 inch gold taper candles add to the opulent feel of this Halloween table setting.

I found these fantastic black bird foot candle holders at Target. These are no longer available for shipping, but I found plenty of stores that still have some availability! Hurry and get these to add their creepy vibe to your table setting!

The center of the table is piled high with golden skulls and gold faux pumpkins.

This guy has a definite ghoulish glam look about him as he peers out from around the black painted wine bottles.

If you already own gold candleholders, you can always use black candles with them for a similar look.

Extra tall taper candles add to the elegant, yet somewhat spooky feel of my table. A combination of creepy bird foot candle holders and recycled wine bottles painted with flat black spray paint hold the tall tapers.

This centerpiece was so easy to make! I painted some skulls from the dollar store and added some gold pumpkins from Target! If you can’t find the styrofoam skulls, plastic skulls would work just as well.

A Special Guest:

Lily is all ready for Halloween! She actually got a witch costume for trick or treating but to sit at the table, she has donned her black lacy eye mask.

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Additional Dining Room Decor:

I don’t have a sideboard in my dining room, but I have this small console table. This is the perfect place to add a little more Halloween decor to the room. I created this black and gold raised serving tray with Dollar Tree skulls. You can see a short video of how I made it here. Adding a few skeleton hands from Dollar Tree that I also painted gold add to the creep affect.

More Halloween Tablescapes:

If you prefer a black and white Halloween tablescape, you might like this black and white theme I styled for this Halloween table.

Paint cheap Dollar Tree creepy crawlies white to set on black napkins for a creative table setting!

Host an elegant Halloween dinner party and serve up your shrimp cocktail on a skeleton hand! Extra creepy if you drip the cocktail sauce out like blood!!

All of the things to set your own Halloween tablescape:

Tall Gold taper candlesticks
Glass Gold Leaf Dinner Plates
Modern Gold Flatware
Black Charger Plates
Crystal Water Goblets
Crystal Wine Glasses
Black Tablecloth
Black Cloth Napkins
Gold Beaded Placemats

20 Halloween tablescapes:

Halloween is a perfect time to have fun with a themed tablescape! Take the tour, clicking on the links below to check out the Halloween table decor created by these talented bloggers! I promise you these ladies will show you an array of Halloween tablescape ideas!

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  1. Such a striking table! Very elegant for Halloween!! You have made the dollar tree skulls look like a million bucks!! Especially the tray!! I hope you have a fun Halloween with lots of treats and no tricks!!

  2. Chloe this is a perfect mix of elegant and creepy! So beautifully done. The bat napkin fold is going to be on one of my tablecapes soon! Such a great idea. The gold skulls are fabulous and make me think of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! Great job! So fun to blog hop with you!


  3. Chloe, your gold and black table is eerily elegant! Love your sleek gold flatware and your cute bat napkins! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  4. Fabulous, Chloe. You make simple gold and black look extremely high end! The way you transformed the DT skulls and skeletal hands was brilliant. I love the matte black on the wine bottles, and the crow feet candle holders were a great find. That shot in the dining room with the shade drawn and your blue walls looks magnificent – pinned. Thank you for joining the Halloween fun in this blog hop with your talent!

  5. Those Dollar tree skulls painted out look fab! And the bat napkins are a good addition – and easy to make!
    Happy October, and glad you are safe in FL 🙂

  6. First off, I think your special guest is adorable. I have such a soft spot for poodles. They make the best pets. I have a toy poodle named Ruby and before her I had a miniature poodle for 17 years named Rusty. Your black and gold Halloween table is beautiful, elegant, and spooky. The centerpiece of skulls and candles is perfect. The napkin fold makes for a wonderful finishing touch. It is always a joy to join you on these hops. Happy fall!

  7. Chloe, your darling guest Lily is so stylish sitting at the table. I love the elegance of a black and gold table. You worked magic on the DT skulls and the bat napkin fold is the perfect addition to this slightly spooky table! Happy Autumn!

  8. Hi Chloe, love the gold and black combination. It’s quite elegant and makes the table a bit formal while still keeping the fun Halloween feel to the table setting. Thanks for the detailed expiation for the bat napkin fold. I really enjoy doing different napkins for the table. The do-it-yourself projects are great and help to keep everything at a reasonable budget. Have a Happy Halloween. Lynne

  9. Oh Chloe, the gold and black is fantastic! Elegant and Creepy! The gold skulls and pumpkin centerpiece looks great and I love your bat napkin fold! So many creative touches, and the flatware is so pretty, you are really tempting me 🙂 I love the black bottles painted for candle holders and the serving tray you made with skeletons and bony hands is extra freaky! Happy Halloween!

  10. Chloe,
    OMG!! Love this as I am a lover of black and gold!! And thanks for the tutorial on folding those sweet bat napkins!! Love them!!!Thanks for sharing and thanks do much for taking the time to visit!!

  11. Chloe, your table is elegant and eerie at the same time. Gold and black are such elegant colors together. Great idea painting the skulls. They look spooky. Love your flatware, what a deal it’s on sale. Lily looks adorable with her lacy mask. The bat napkin fold is spot on and looks wonderful on your plates. I love painting wine bottles no adding candles too. A pleasure hopping with you. Happy Halloween.

  12. Ok Chloe, I, too, love the bat napkin fold also BUT….I had to stop following directions at the very beginning when you said to start with; and I quote…”Begin with a good quality cloth napkin freshly laundered and ironed.”

    Really? Really??? I haven’t ironed anything in years! Why do you think I love my linen blouses so much? They always look wrinkled so that is my mantra when I wear other clothing that is a bit wrinkled. I just say “it is linen” even though to the untrained eye, the clothing is polyester or cotton. LOL Just teasing you my friend.

    I adore your black and gold tablescape. So clever to paint the skulls and hands. They really do look elegant. Great job and inspiration. I have noted many of your ideas for future use…and yes, even the napkin fold using freshly laundered and ironed napkins. LOL
    Hugs my dear friend

  13. Chloe, you had me at bat fold! I used a different folding technique on last year’s Gone Batty table that has a puffier look. But, I like both styles and your napkins look striking on the plate stack and elegant setting. I’ve never understood why more people don’t fold napkins to dress up tables or carry a theme? Most don’t require costly decorative rings and they usually “wow” guests as I’m sure yours will.

  14. Lily is the very cutest in her little mask. I love that she’s prepared for Halloween! Your black and gold table is spooky, yet elegant for Halloween. I want to thank you for the bat napkin fold tutorial: I love how the napkins look on your plates. Your pumpkins are pretty, too!

  15. Chloe, I always check back later to see if my comments post on blog hops. I did comment yesterday and I don’t know what happened to it! I love the black and gold theme, always elegant even though your table is slightly spooky. You elevated the dollar store skeletons with the gold paint, so clever. The bat napkin fold is a great idea. Your special guest is perfect! Happy Autumn.

  16. Spooktacular Chloe! Love your black and gold table with painted skulls, bat napkin fold and especially those crow feet candle holders! Lily is sitting so pretty at your table donning her Halloween mask. As always, it’s a treat to hop with you. Happy October!

  17. Chloe, I love the shimmer, elegance, all of the great ideas and, of course, Lily. So adorable. Lily is ready for all of the delicious treats at this gorgeous table. Chloe, thank you for including the bat napkin fold instructions. All the beautiful serveware you created from Dollar Store supplies. I love it. The shrimp cocktail served up with bloody cocktail sauce on a skeleton hand bones is so clever and creative (and creepy). Such a fabulous tablescape for Halloween. All the best to you and your family.

  18. Loved the ghoulish elegance! The lovely dishware and beautiful stemware contrasted with those fantastic footed candlesticks and skulls galore is a perfect table setting! It has the feel of a dinner at Dracula’s castle — elegance with haunting malice. 🙂
    I had such fun hopping with you!

  19. Chloe, I love your bat napkin fold. So fun to use in a place setting. All the gold skull heads had the right dressy but spooky feel to the tablescape. You can’t go wrong with black and gold for Halloween.

  20. Chloe, you’ve created a table that’s both creepy and classy! I love how you painted the Dollar Tree styrofoam skulls. It’s amazing what a little gold paint can do! The bat napkin fold looks perfect at each place setting. Thanks for including the tutorial. Lily looks adorable seated at the table. I hope she got a treat for being such a good girl! It’s fun to be hopping with you again. Happy Halloween!

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