How to Make a Pumpkin Centerpiece

How to Make a Pumpkin Centerpiece
(without cutting your pumpkin)

This is such a easy diy project to add to the center of the table this year for your Thanksgiving Dinner. You know I love fall and a fall tablescape is a given for me. Follow along for the step by step instructions and you will have a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table in no time at all!

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I know…another pumpkin centerpiece, right?  Pumpkin centerpieces might be all over the internet, but I have only made one once before!  A white pumpkin of this size spotted on the shelves at Target for just $10 meant it was coming home with me.  I know it is going to make a beautiful fall centerpiece for my dining room table.

Hand on white faux pumpkin

Instead of giving you measurements, I thought I would just take a photo of this pumpkin with my hand on the top of the pumpkin.   It is about 13″ across by 7 ” high.   Many pumpkin arrangements require you to cut a hole in the pumpkin, be it real or artificial. 

Two pieces of dry floral foam on top of a white faux pumpkin

The problem with doing that is you have basically given your faux pumpkin only one possible use.  With real pumpkins, you only have so long to enjoy it until the pumpkin starts to rot, and it might attract fruit flies, even while the flowers stay fresh.  

white pumpkin with dry floral foam taped to the top of it

Using an artificial pumpkin and a couple of pieces of dry floral foam would be the solution for me.  Use several pieces of waterproof floral tape to secure those pieces of dry floral foam to the top of your pumpkin. 

Floral tape with an orange circle over the crossed tape

Make sure you add a little insurance to the ends of the tape with a cross piece as shown above. 

faux oak leaf branch pick

Use a variety of fall leaf pics like this one. 

faux oak leaves cut into small picks

Cut the picks into small pieces like these so you can add them to the foam.

Detail of faux oak leaf picks being stuck into dry floral foam

Simply push the stems of the leaves into the foam as shown above. 

overhead view of white pumpkin with dry floral foam on it and burgundy fall faux leaves stuck into the foam

Use the your largest leaves first, all around the pumpkin, bending them down so they lay against the sides of the pumpkin.

 white pumpkin with dry floral foam on it and burgundy fall faux leaves stuck into the foam
faux fall leaves and acorns being stuck into dry floral foam

Begin adding smaller leaves above and between the larger ones. 

overhead view of faux floral leaves in a pumpkin

Continue adding leaves and fall leaf picks (some of mine had tiny pumpkins and berries) up and toward the center until all of the floral foam is covered. 

White pumpkin with a fall faux floral arrangement on top of it

You can leave your pumpkin arrangement with just leaves or do as I did and add some faux flowers.  I selected some blooms that almost look like they are dried.  

White pumpkin with a fall floral arrangement on top of it
Coil of faux bittersweet

My final step was to loosely wrap a vine of faux bittersweet around my pumpkin. 

White pumpkin with fall floral arrangement on a table with a bundle of wheat

I painted a lot of my faux pumpkins this year to give them a more natural look, but I liked the stark white of this one against the vibrant fall colors in my arrangement.  Keep in mind, even though I am using an faux pumpkin and artificial flowers, you can just as easily use a real pumpkin and fresh flowers and follow the same instructions. You will want to substitute wet floral foam for the dry. You may also wish to use a sharp knife to cut the top off of your pumpkin and hollow out a space in a real pumpkin to set a bowl down into it to fill with your wet floral foam and fresh flowers.

White pumpkin with fall floral arrangement with a pair of white bundles and a stack of pumpkin plates on a table

No matter if you are using this as a table centerpiece, or on a kitchen island or a coffee table, this is a great way to add a pop of fall color to your home this season!

Close up fo white faux pumpkin with fall floral arrangement

Perhaps you will create a lovely pumpkin centerpiece  like this one to dress your Thanksgiving table.  Take on this easy pumpkin centerpiece project and enjoy the colors brought to your table this season!

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    1. Chloe I always wondered the trick to getting the faux flowers to stay so nicely on top of the pumpkin. So Smart! Your centerpiece /arrangement is beautiful. I love the colors you chose. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  1. You constantly inspire me with your creativity, Chloe! I love this idea so much. I’ve never tried to make one either but your step by step guide has me ready to hit the stores for some supplies. It’s just gorgeous! Hugs, CoCo

  2. What a beautiful centerpiece, Chloe! I love how you added the bittersweet – such a nice touch. Your directions make it look easy too!

  3. Chloe this is such a timely post for me since I was just thinking of making my first pumpkin floral centerpiece for Thanksgiving! I have a gorgeous French musquee de provence pumpkin that I have been enjoying on my patio, but I have been thinking about using it for the arrangment. I wanted to go ahead and make it this week, but I knew it would rot before Thanksgiving. Using the foam is the perfect solution!

    Yours look just beautiful and I love the colors you chose. Thank you so much for the inspiration and for joining the hop. I hope you have a happy, blessed and healthy Thanksgiving!

  4. Chloe, I love the colors and florals you used to create your pumpkin centerpiece. You styled it so pretty, too! Pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  5. Beautiful, Chloe! I really like this idea, because you don’t have to cut the pumpkin. I’m like you and I switch things up all the time; I’d hate to not be able to use the pumpkin for something else the next year. Great idea! Pinned. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I adore this Chloe! It’s so pretty in these colors! I love how you showed the step by step, so I knew that even craft challenged me could make something this beautiful! You always inspire me so much!

  7. Adorable. Very nice and simple. I can see this with some of the battery operated very small orange lights or the ones you pluge in, just to add a little light to set it off at low light times. Would be great for a outdoor porch setting. Love the idea. Thank you.

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