Look! How to set A Wicked, Elegant, Halloween Tablescape!

I have styled Halloween tablescapes many times over the years. It may have been for guests, or may have just been for my family, but I like to get creative with table settings for all kinds of holidays and special occasions.

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What I began with:

It is not like I began with a special room. This is my dining room. There would be five of us at this dinner party, so I added a second leaf to my table. My table and chairs are from Ballard Designs. They don’t sell the table any longer, but the chairs are one of their standards. These chairs are one that your guests can be comfortable sitting in for hours. …of course, now that I have told you that, I am going to tell you this is not the chairs I used for this dinner party!

To give an elegant feel to this table I opted for an alternative to a tablecloth. I selected a dark gray embossed bedspread. By using a king size spread, the cloth draped almost all the way to the floor all the way around which added to the spooky feeling. The chargers I decided to use are some of my favorites. Unfortunately they are not currently available in all black like mine, but these are available with gold trim.

No orange and black on this table! I spotted these gorgeous red and white Arcadia dinner plates by Caskata. Although these work perfectly for my wicked Halloween tablescape, I can imagine them dressing a Christmas table and giving it an entirely different look.

Cloth napkins in light gray and dark gray were layered and then folded and simply wrapped with a wide piece of gray and black lace ribbon. Table decor included a faux white pumpkin filled with dark burgundy mums, roses and miniature carnations, magnolia leaves and black ostrich plumes. You can see more of the decorating details at Decorating the Space for an Elegant, Yet Spooky Halloween Dinner Party.

When guests were seated, their plate stack began with a clear salad plate topped with a skeleton hand holding chilled shrimp. “Blood splatter” cocktail sauce was added to the plate. Beneath that was a silver salad plate, and then the red and white dinner plates. The salad and main course were all served at the table family style and passed by the guests. Did you see my little spider dinner rolls resting on their white bread plates? I will be sharing how to make those tomorrow! They are SO easy!

Red water goblets and misty gray wine flutes were the perfect pairing of stemware for this Halloween tablescape! I wish I could tell you where I got either one of these, but I have had them both for so many years, I just do not remember. If you would like more details on the menu for the party, you can see the menu at …fantastic Halloween Dinner Party Menu.

The overhead shots are always worth the climb, aren’t they? The table was set, including the “candle” cakes and the candles were lit and my guests were invited to take their seats! Tomorrow I will wrap up this party and share the secret about how we got our ghost to levitate! Then I am moving on to a few more fun fall decorating and hosting ideas before it is all Christmas holiday entertaining and decorating! Are you ready? Let me know in the comments below!

More Halloween tablescape inspiration:

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  1. Love this Chloe! I think the red plates are even more spooky in this setting – can’t help but think of blood red lol. The skeleton hand with shrimp is genius – I must remember that! I hope you have a lovely party and Happy Halloween!

  2. Those red and white plates are going to work so well for Christmas. The skeleton hand holding the shrimp is a pretty cool idea and kudos to you for climbing to get a top shot, it’s beautiful. I also like how the knife blade appears to be bloodied, kind of a creepy thought I know.

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