A Winter Wonderland Tablescape

Winter Wonderland Tablescape

When I saw this beautiful silver swan, I was immediately inspired.  I knew I would be building a winter wonderland tablescape around this lovely bird.  The funny thing is that I photographed this on my lovely lanai in Florida in wonderful weather.  It is fun to dream about pretty snow when you don’t have to deal with shoveling it and walking through it.  The glitter and shimmer of the swan, the crystal, the snow and the crystal accents on the napkin rings brings the magic of winter are expressed beautifully in this tablescape.  Incredible Winter Wonderland Tablescape


Winter Wonderland 1At first I didn’t like the white fur wrap on the swan.  I looked it over at the store trying to see if I could remove it.  If I did, it would pull off a lot of the silver glitter.  It actually grew on me, adds to the elegance I think.Winter Wonderland 2A lovely silver and white print tablecloth helped set the scene for this winter wonderland tablescape.  The next step was to begin layering my dishes. Winter Wonderland 3Textured silver chargers were the base, to which I added some of my favorite grey dinner plates.   You can see how I used these differently at my Coastal Ladies Luncheon.  Next I added these fun silver salad plates that look a lot like mercury glass.  I topped these with Target’s 2014 snowflake plates.  These are available in this size, which I consider a bread plate or an appetizer plate, salad plates and dinner plates.  I only got myself these little ones, since I like to mix and match more than being matchy, matchy.  Winter Wonderland 4I have a love/hate relationship with this artificial snow.  I love how it looks.  I love when it you spread it on a table and it looks like it just fell there, but I really don’t like it when it gets all over the place, on the floor, on the carpet, just everywhere.  I had this great idea to “frame” the snow on this tabletop.  I love these Ikea Ung Drill frames.  They are so versatile.  I painted this very one pink for the Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower I hosted.   I got out my chrome paint and gave the frame a wonderful makeover.Winter wonderland 5I filled the frame with the artificial snow which kept it a little bit under control.  I added some sparkly snowflake ornaments and settled my swan onto its snowy bed. Winter Wonderland NapkinsA table like this needed napkins with special treatment.  I used lovely grey cloth napkins and used some shimmery fabric as an overlay.  Since I had finally embraced the fur on the swan, I made my own matching napkin rings.  I used some fur trim, stitched it together and added a sparkly button to each one. Winter Wonderland 7Of course the stemware had to be crystal.  These are wine glasses I have that are the Brookside pattern by Marquis by Waterford. Winter Wonderland 9I could not be happier with how my lovely table turned out.  I will be recreating this many times, it is just perfect for Winter. Winter Wonderland 10This swan won me over, even with her white fur wrap. I grew to love her and the lovely silhouette she made on our table.  A Winter Wonderland TablescapeCreating a lovely table like this and serving up some delicious hot food might make you more willing to tolerate the cold weather!  Truly a Winter wonderland tablescape!



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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Love the fur napkin rings. Where did the swan come from? Bet you get a lot of comments about the swan.

    1. Thank you Gayle! I made the fur napkin rings and will be posting a tutorial on them shortly. The swan came from Home Goods and was the only one I have seen!

  2. Wow! Your table looks beautiful Chloe. I love the swan and I actually like the wrap on her and the broach gives her that extra glam factor. I was going to ask where you found her, but I saw in a previous comment Home Goods. Gotta love Home Goods. I try not to go in there too often because I always find some little treasure.

  3. Everything is so pretty. My favorite thing is the napkin ring, though. Does that surprise you? They remind me of hand muffs from back in the day! Your snowflake plates are perfect, too. Lovely!

  4. So many beautiful things combine to make a stunning table. It’s like entering a fairy land. BTW, I used the same table in black for my table. I gave you a FB like, would appreciate yours, too. I look forward to seeing more from you.

  5. Chloe this table is one of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen wow you blew my mind especially with the fur napkin rings.STUNNING and I think if you had taken the fir off the swan you would not have gotten this snowy winter image you conveyed and I agree about the snow stuff even the vacuum hates it.Susie

  6. I’m so glad you left the white fur wrap on the swan! It makes it all the more unique and you were brilliant to make the “matching” fur napkin rings – they add the perfect accent to your wintry table! The snowflake and gray plates are terrific. Great idea for the frame to “catch” the snow! I really enjoyed seeing this tablescape – Fantastic!

    1. My thoughts exactly! Did u tell us where u found the swan….not like I have any place to store it! I love the elegance of your table, up north in the frozen tundra, I’ve been opting to more rustic and whimsical tablescapes of late.

  7. such a pretty and when you made the napkin rings it pulled the whole fur stole idea together, smart thinking. i live in FL too and agree it is fun to only dream about cold wintery weather while sipping some wine on the lanai! I’m cleaning ours up today to be ready for visiting snowbirds arriving for the weekend. a tip on the fake stow that I do is use epsom salts. when I’m finished I pour them on the palm trees because that’s what they need to green up.

  8. Oh my, I love your fabulous table scape. You did an excellent job with this theme. Now it’s time for you to come to our home and help make our table look fabulous to.

  9. What a beautiful table and a stunning swan centerpiece. I love white with silver. It makes such an elegant table. The filled in frame with snow is such a wonderful idea. At first, I thought it was a mirror. It dresses up the swan even more. Stunning.

    1. Thank you Marsha! Although I love working with both real and silk flowers for centerpieces, it is always fun to think outside the box and create something different for a change.

  10. Gorgeous, Chloe! Swooning over your swan and the lovely plateau it is sitting on! Truly, a beautiful winter wonderland table. Love your plate stack and gorgeous crystal!

  11. I’m at a lost for which superlative to use and maybe when I pick my jaw up off the floor I can think of something. Iove the swan and her fur. Adding fur napkin rings really ties the two together. You’ve styled the ultimate winter wonderland table.

  12. I love glitz and this fits the bill. Spraying the frame silver was genius. It’s the little details. BTW It’s pretty darn cold in FL tonight. No wish to see snow or be “up north”

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