How to Make an Easter Egg Topiary

How to Make and Easter Egg Topiary

Learn how to make a simple Easter egg topiary to grace your home this coming holiday season.   

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This is really a simple project.  Begin with a styrofoam cone.  I used one that was 18″ tall.  Select the size you will want to make your Easter egg topiary.  I found these rustic little boxes at Hobby Lobby and they fit my cones perfectly. 

Multi colored eggs can be found at any craft store this time of year.  I selected muted green, blue and white speckled ones from Joann’s.  You can find pretty ones like these on Amazon. 

My eggs only came in two sizes, so I used the large ones around the base of my eggs.  Attach the eggs with hot glue BUT use a low temp glue/gun temperature setting.  High heat is likely to melt the styrofoam. Continue adding the eggs in a random pattern as you go up your cone, covering it.  Don’t worry about any empty spots between the eggs, you will fill those in with moss. This chartreuse colored moss was the perfect complement to my eggs.  

The easiest way to fill the empty spots with moss is to use a small wood skewer.  Gently push the moss into the empty spots filling them to hide the styrofoam.  No glue is required to secure the moss. 

As easy and simple as that you have your Easter egg topiary, ready to dress your table!  

A sweet little bunny has decided to sit down next to one of my Easter Egg Topiaries.  

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  1. Chloe

    These are adorable and beautiful! Love the base you found and the softness of the eggs.

    I decorate more for spring than Easter. The one holiday I have off.

    Enjoy these!


  2. Hi Chloe.

    I agree with Rita, You don’t cease to amaze me. I love the softness of the colors and really love Easter decorations, but this one takes the cake. Enjoy it!

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