A Life in Celebration: Entertain with Grazing Boards

A Life in Celebration:

 Entertain with Grazing Boards

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Do you like entertaining at home?  My husband and I always get a kick out of the HGTV house hunting shows where it seems most everyone says: “we love to entertain”.   Can I tell you how much I want all of those people as my friends?  I have rarely been entertained in the homes of friends.  It seems like all of my friends would rather meet you out somewhere.

A marvelous platter for making grazing boards.

Me, I do LOVE entertaining at home.  I haven’t done nearly enough at home entertaining in the last few years, and I am anxious to get back to it.  Family, or friends, it doesn’t matter, I welcome them all!   Dinner party,  cocktail party, impromptu glass of wine on the front porch, I love it all!  

My latest love in entertaining at home is putting together a big grazing board.  I had never even heard the term, “grazing board” until last year.  Interesting, since I figured out I had been putting together grazing boards for years!   You can do something as simple as a snack board like I did for Super Bowl Sunday. 

A cheese board or cheese platter is pretty much what it says, a variety of cheeses and some small accompaniments, such as crackers, breadsticks, honey and olives.  The charcuterie board is a collection of cured meats and meat products, also accompanied by toasts and perhaps sauces.  So that leaves us with grazing boards, which can be anything!  I loved styling my Valentine’s dessert board, and my guests loved it, too!

I am looking forward to styling a breakfast grazing board when my daughter and granddaughters come to visit in a few weeks.  What could make a more perfect Saturday morning than gathering around the table with a tray or platter full of breakfast breads and fruit?  

No matter what you call it, grazing board, grazing platter, grazing table, gathering family and friends around a lovely presentation of foods.  Grazing boards make entertaining casual and enjoyable by all!  There is nothing fussy or formal about them!  Have you started entertaining with grazing boards?  

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Have a fabulous week and let me know if you are ready to have more grazing boards in your life!

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  1. Chloe, I really got a big smile when I read your comment about HGTV people saying they love to entertain Seriously! I have a dear friend who has been to gatherings at my house for years, and weekends at my beach house and I have only been invited to her house once for drinks before we went out to dinner! It doesn’t matter though, I love to entertain and always opt for some kind of grazing buffet! I usually have more than can be contained on one platter, but your round board looks like a great base. I love seeing all your themed boards, and the breakfast one is a great idea!

    1. Really, Jenna, isn’t that the truth? I understand that some people just don’t enjoy entertaining, and I am fine with that, I just think it is crazy how all of those people on those shows insist they LOVE to entertain! I am planning a St. Patrick’s one this week!

  2. Chloe, I had no idea you were featuring my decoupage eggs and just happened upon this post! Thanks so much! What a delightful surprise when I least expected it. Looking forward to a great spring tablescape with you tomorrow! Hugs, Crissy

  3. I just entertained with my first grazing board this past weekend. I made a cheese board and it was a big hit! I find guests enjoy eating a variety of small bites. I think they feel like they aren’t really “eating”. Thanks for more ideas on grazing boards.

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