What You Can Make with Easter Eggs

What You can Make with Easter Eggs

Did you have any Easter decor with any of these kind of Easter eggs?  I made some fun topiaries with them.  Let me show you what you can do with these leftover Easter eggs, besides saving them for next year! 

These eggs are styrofoam, not the hard plastic kind you can fill with candy.  Don’t have any eggs left?  You can find them here.  Cut them in half as shown.  These knives are the best craft knives ever!  You can find them on my Essential Craft supplies list.  

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This is how they may look inside.  There was a little stick inside each of my eggs, which must have been part of the manufacturing process.  Use a fine skewer and put it into the cut side of the halves.  This will make it easy to paint them without getting paint on your fingers.   Be VERY careful not to push the skewer all the way through the other side of the egg!  Paint the finished edge of each of the egg halves with glossy red acrylic paint.  Keeping the eggs on the skewers and sticking them into a piece of foam will let them dry without messing up the paint.  You know, those skewers are great for cooking things like Honey Ginger Chicken Skewers, too!  
Paint accents on the red eggs.  The wider end of the egg should be painted something like this. (painting is NOT my forte)

The narrower end of the egg should get painted as shown above.  I painted on the face and used  a Sharpie Paint Pen to add the little antenna.  

Dip a pencil eraser into black acrylic paint and use it to paint polka dots on the tops of the red eggs.

Your eggs should be looking something like this!  Can you guess what we are making now?

Check out some of my fun craft videos on my channel over on  YouTube!  

Get two different colors of green paint, a little clay pot and a paint brush.  Using short strokes with a small paint brush, paint blades of grass around your flower pot. When you have gone all the way around the pot with one shade of green, go around the pot with the second shade of green paint.  Wedge a piece of dry floral foam into your little flower pot.  I grabbed a couple of bunches of artificial daisies…

…used wire cutters to cut them into individual stems. 

Stick the daisies in the pot, use low temp hot glue to to add a ladybug to the side of your pot.

Add an additional ladybug to the daisies in the pot and you have a sweet and cheery little display to brighten up your day, or that of someone who could use a little spot of cuteness!  These make an adorable Mother’s Day gift, too!  Find somewhere you need a little pop of color and spread the joy with ladybugs!  No one will know they are from leftover Easter eggs!  

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