How to Make this Fun and Fanciful Pink Flamingo Wreath for Summertime

Head on out to your local Dollar Tree for almost everything you will need for this fun summer wreath! I always want to have something fun displayed on my front door, and I always hear about it from my friends and neighbors. It makes me happy that it brings joy to those who pass by. Do you feel the same way? This might be just the diy flamingo wreath for your front door! Who else thinks the flamingo is the official symbol of summer?

Grab an 18 inch straw wreath form and some pink dollar store leis. Can’t you tell this is going to be a fun project already?!

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Get a good number of floral pins, also known as greening pins. You are going to use those to attach the leis to your straw wreath form.

Attach the leis, one at a time beginning around the outside edge of the wreath. You will want to make sure you are attaching the string and “plastic straw” part of the lei to the wreath, not the petals. Also, make sure there are no petals in the way of the pins as you push them into the wreath. That will make it go so much easier for you.

As you get to the end of one lei, just begin with the next one.

When you have attached all eight of the leis to the straw wreath forms, you will have a wreath that looks like this. Not bad, right? But wait, we have more!!

I felt that this plastic flamingo needed a little bit of customizing, so I added some pink acrylic paint to mine. Giving our pink feathered friend a little texture with acrylic paint is a better way than just taking spray paint to him!

Your dollar store flamingos are going to come with a couple of wire legs like this one shown above.

Cut the wire in half.

Take each half of the wire and secure it with a dollop of hot glue with your glue gun into the hole in the bottom of each of one of the flamingos.

Use the wires you attached to the bottom of the flamingos to stick down through the straw wreath to secure your flamingos to your wreath as shown in the black circle above.

Position your flamingos something like this as shown above. This is already looking like a fun flamingo wreath! We are going to take it a step further and make it our own pink flamingo wreath with a little something extra!

I felt like if I had flamingos I had to have some tropical flowers. Plumeria and hibiscus just seemed like the perfect addition. I was able to find a couple of bushes that had stiff stems.

The stiff stems made it possible for me to just stick the flowers right into the straw wreath!

My own flamingo wreath is ready to hang on my front door and become the star of my front porch this summer!


8 Pink Leis (Dollar Tree)
1 18 inch straw wreath form
floral pins
2 Pink Flamingos (Dollar Tree)

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  1. So glad to hear from you again Chloe. What a fun wreath! It has such a vibrant and unique look. Happy Summer and enjoy your new pool.

  2. Love love this wreath Chloe – it is beyond adorable! I have two of those flamingoes just sitting in the garage waiting for something and I think even craft-challenged me could handle this. Pinned and thanks for the inspiration!

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