Fourth of July Cupcakes!

I first made these Fourth of July cupcakes a few years ago.  These were such a hit, I decided to make them again last year, and now I think they have become my one regular Fourth of July tradition. These are so much fun, and I know anyone I share these with loves these and loves tricking others into believing those are real firecrackers on those cupcakes.

Using any cake recipe or mix you like and bake your cupcakes.  When they are cooled, frost them with your choice of frosting.  I used a Wilton #21 tip. 

Cut some back licorice laces into one half to one inch pieces. 

Pour some red Wilton candy melts into a silicone cup and microwave them in 30 second intervals at 50% power until they are melted enough to dip marshmallows in. If  your candy melts don’t seem to melt enough, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of vegetable oil to it.  

Use a wood skewer to stick on a marshmallow, dip it into the candy melts.  Tap the skewer on the edge of the cup to knock of the extra melts. 

Set the coated marshmallows aside and stick a piece of the licorice lace down into the hole where the skewer was. 

When the candy coating on the marshmallows is set, place one on the top of each cupcake!

Your cupcakes are ready to serve!  Just don’t let anyone try to light the “firecrackers”!  

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  1. Chloe those are so cute!
    Just a head’s up… email notice for your blog post this morning delivered this return message when I clicked on the link for this and other posts linked in that email:
    No URL found for this tracker ID

  2. Hi Chloe

    I second what Rita just stated. I had the same experience, I had to use Google to view your post.
    I love when the decoration is also edible, really fun idea.

  3. This is such a cute idea!!! I thought at first it was part of a hot dog for the firework…so so cute

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