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Inspiration ~ Castle Cakes

There are so many castle cakes that have been created.  There are also so many occasions for which you could choose a castle cake.  There are all those Princesses who end up living in castles, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty Rapunzel.  There are Disney-themed weddings who choose castle cakes, and beach-themed weddings with sand castle cakes, Quinceaneras with castle cake dreams. Whatever castle themes  you have, there is probably a cake out there for it.

Cinderella wedding cake with castle on the top of the cake

I love the detail of Cinderella’s glass slipper halfway down this cake.

Beach themed castle cake with fondant seashells for wedding cake

A white castle cake inspired by the beach, trimmed with fondant shells.

Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion Grand Castle Wedding Cake

A incredible wedding cake topped with a castle at Disney’s Fairytale Weddings.

Green and white magic or mystical castle cake for a special occasion.

I like the little Wizard’s had left by the front door.

Sand castle wedding cake

A beautifully detailed sandcastle cake.  Check out the starfish Bride and Groom!

The fondant on this sandcastle cake appears as cardboard at first glance.

Sandcastle cake designed like Princess Jasmine's Palace

Inspired by Princess Jasmine’s Palace in the desert.

Mario - themed cake with a castle themed on the Super Mario Game

Fun and whimsical for the Super Mario fan.

Walt Disney World Castle Cake for the biggest Disney Fan!

Yes!  This Walt Disney World castle is a cake.

Castle cake with incredible details, for a wedding or special party or benefit

Incredible detail on this cake, I love all the figures.

Castle cake for a Birthday Princess

Dria’s birthday cake looks cute and delicious.

Hogwart's Castle Cake inspired by Harry Potter

Hogwart’s castle interpreted in cake.

This looks very much like the castle cake my Mom made for me when I was a little girl.  Wow, have castle cakes come a long way!

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  1. Rosirene Roggeman Gonçalves says:

    Good morning, I enjoyed this incredible cake The wedding cake topped with a castle at Disney’s Fairytale Weddings. you can sell me the cake or the media? How can I buy it.
    I am passionate in their work

    1. You would need to contact Disney’s Fairytale Weddings for that information. Good luck. They do create amazing cakes.

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