Calligraphy place card holder with lovely fresh peach

Inspiration ~ Place cards and holders

A place card is a card with a guest’s name on it which indicates where they are to sit.  This is different from an escort card, that tells a guest at which table they are to sit.  Place cards are essentially a necessity at any large wedding and also for large banquets.  I like to use place cards for dinner parties also.  Place cards let the hostess seat guests next to or across from those they would feel the most comfortable with and gets the guests seated while you are putting the final touches on your dinner, or bringing it to the table.  Place cards make the guests feel special, like you took the time to prepare a place special just for them.

butterfly party or wedding theme, butterfly place cards

This line of wine glass place cards impressed me the very first time I saw them.  Timeless Papers offers a large selection of different shapes in this line.

Anchor place cards that hang on your wine glass, perfect for a nautical - themed event.

Being sailors, this is probably my favorite!

Calligraphy place card holder with lovely fresh peach

Any piece of fruit can be used to hold a name place card.

moss rock place card holder, place cards, wedding place card

Moss-stone for a place card holder.

Real Egg Place card holders perfect for Easter

Lovely for an Easter Brunch

Doily place card set under a clear plate

Letter the names on a doily and place them under a clear glass plate.

Hand written rock place cards

DIY place cards hand lettered with guests’ names.

DIY chalk board place cards

Chalkboard place cards.

Chalkboard painted horses for place cards would be great for an Equestrian Dinner or Kentucky Derby Party

How creative is this?  Horses painted with chalkboard paint for place cards!

Scrabble game place card

This Scrabble place card is fun, I think it would be too expensive for a wedding, but fun for a dinner party.

What occasion would you use any of these place cards for, and which one would you choose to use?  Have fun and be creative with your next event and the place cards you would choose to use!

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