Chloe at Home ~ New Beginnings

I am still rather new to the blogosphere, and I had thought my blog would head in one direction when I started, party planning and home design.  I second guessed myself and let the home decor and design end of the blog falter.  I have decided to embrace that part of my blog again.  I hope you will still check in often, I will still be featuring parties and celebrations along with my new “Chloe’s Dinner for Two” posts.

moving day has come and gone

The change in things at the blog goes hand in hand with what is happening in my own life.  My husband and I have decided it is time to downsize.  We have recently sold the large home where we raised our children, and have temporarily moved into a tiny apartment while we are searching for our next home.  I will share pictures and stories of our temporary home and the search for and decorating of the next home, too!


Please share your feedback, I love to hear from all of you!




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