3D Layered Hearts Garland

Inspiration ~ Banners and Garlands

Banners and garlands are fun.  I adore banners and garlands.  They make any occasion, a party, wedding, a shower, or just a welcome home on the last day of school into a special event.  There are fabric garlands, paper garlands, flower garlands, photo garlands.  Everything you can imagine is out there.

Some are made of fabric:

Baby boy fabric banner for a baby shower or sip n see

Cute fabric banner or garland out of floral fabrics

Pretty gingham banner or garland for a summer party or picnic

vintage or shabby chic ribbon or fabric garland

Others are made of paper:

3D Layered Hearts Garland

Paper garlands or banners of paper cutouts for party decorations

Rainbow folded paper garland, homemade

Some of them say something:

Desert party banner, chalkboard paint idea on burlap with ribbon for a party.

Wonderful wedding garland that says "give me your forever"

Sometimes a picture is enough:

Garland of photos help with clothes pins for a wedding or party photo banners

Heart photo garland or heart photo banner

 Special ones light up!

Christmas ribbon garland with lights for the holidays

…and some are tiny…

Vintage stamp mini garland for a cake

Tiny fiesta bunting, garland or banner on a cake for a party

I would love to see your favorite buntings, garlands or banners, what you have created, or just what you would like to create or purchase and use for your next celebration!

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