Make a Back to School Crayon Wreath!

Make a Back to School Crayon Wreath

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Begin this project with a Floral Craft Ring.  I picked mine up from Michael’s with curbside delivery.

Not knowing how many crayons I would need, I purchased the box of 96 Crayola crayons.  With the twelve inch form you will be fine with 64 crayons.  Go to work with your glue gun and attach the crayons all around the form except for about six inches along the top of the wreath.  Try to keep the crayons equally spaced (you can do better than I did)! I wanted “crayola” to show on each crayon, so I made sure I glued them that way.  Almost done!  Make sure you keep one of those holes in the ring in the middle of your opening (where there are no crayons) at the top.  You will use that hole to make a loop so the wreath can be hung up.Feed a pipe cleaner through the hole and twist the ends around themselves until you have a nice secure loop.  Tie (or get someone else to tie you a bow with two ribbons).  If you want an easy way to tie these double or even triple ribbon bows, look into the Probow the Hand!  I didn’t get mine out for this bow, and looking back I wish I had.  The ribbons I used were black and white buffalo check and this cute back to school themed ribbon.  Keep the tails of the bow short, you won’t want them to cover the sign we will add to the wreath.  Use a wire or pipe cleaner to secure your bow and then to attach it to your wreath.  See how my bow really covered my sign?  This cute sign came from Michael’s.  This is a dry erase board a teacher can add all kinds of personal messages to.

A couple of other possibilities to add to the center of your wreath are this red chalkboard apple or this fun conversation bubble dry erase board.  Both of these came from Bullseye’s Playground at Target! Put a length of hot glue on top of the crayons where your sign needs to be attached to the wreath.  Make sure you add the glue in enough spots to secure your sign.  Finish off your wreath with a fun wood cutout like this wood apple or a school bus. 

Of course, I hope this will be hanging in a teacher’s classroom this Fall, but I hung it on my front door to show you how cute this will be!  I hope you know a special teacher who would appreciate a handmade crayon wreath, even if she won’t be heading back to the classroom quite yet!

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  1. Your back to school crayon wreath is adorable Chloe! Love the crayon edge and your cute dry erase board and apple! My sister is a teacher, oh what challenges are in store for her and her students this school year. I haven’t been shopping at Target since this whole pandemic started. I miss seeing all those cute items in the Dollar Spot. Thanks so much for your organizing efforts, I’m happy to be crafting with you today ♥

  2. So many cute ideas! I could actually see how easy it was to make. You are so fast. I love the dry erase one. Thanks so much for hosting! It’s been so nice to meet and see everyone’s ideas.

    PS When and if you start your kitchen I’m there. It was so much fun!

  3. This is adorable Chloe!! I have been thinking of making some kind of artist wreath, you’ve inspired me!! You always find the cutest ribbon, and the dry erase board in the center is brilliant! Thank you for the great and creative blog hop fun!

  4. The wreath is adorable Chloe. What a great wreath for a teacher to hang on her classroom door (if they are able to work at school no a days). I have two children that work at school and I know my daughter would love to have this wreath on her door. Great job and love the options you provided.

  5. This is adorable, Chloe! By adding a sign, you can really personalize the wreath, but I like it best sans sign! Thanks for hosting! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  6. I don’t know any teacher that wouldn’t love this! It’s so bright and playful. So may great options too; I think the dry erase is my fave 🙂

  7. Chloe, this put a smile on my face as soon as it popped up! Such a fun project for those with kids and of course teachers. Just love it!!!


  8. Chloe,

    This a perfect back to school wreath. My mom would have loved this for when she taught.

    Who doesn’t love crayons?


  9. I love this wreath, Chloe! It’s so cute and clever! I’m going to make one for my daughter. You’ve provided an excellent tutorial. She will love having this in her room. Thanks for hosting another fun hop, my friend!

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