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Back to School Supply Cake

Make a school supply cake to gift to your favorite teacher after a difficult year and bring a smile to their face as they welcome children back for the coming school year!

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I gathered all of these supplies with plans to make a fun and decorative back to school supply “cake”. I wanted something that would serve as a centerpiece for a back to school table I would be setting for my granddaughters’ upcoming visit.

I used three cake “dummies” for this project, but you could also use cardboard boxes either round or square. If you find some decorative boxes, they could also be filled with school supplies!

The dummies I used were 6″, 8″ and 10″. Each of them was 4″ high. I have included links to them in the supply list at the bottom of this post. I wrapped the top half of the styrofoam dummies with blue duct tape.

The first step was to stretch a large elastic rubber band around the styrofoam cake. This is the 10″ dummy circle.

I used ten boxes of 24 Crayola crayons. I tucked the crayons, one box at a time inside of the rubber band.

If you use the same boxes of crayons and the same size cake dummy, you will find that there will be a gap that is not quite large enough for that eleventh box of crayons.

I adjusted the crayons so that I had two equal size gaps on opposite sides of the “cake” and tucked a pair of child size Fiskars scissors into each of those gaps.

Between the middle and the top layer, the white showed more than I wanted, so I cut a circle of yellow card stock and glued it to the top of the middle layer to disguise it.

I finished this layer the same way as the bottom layer with the tape, and the rubber band, but this time the school supply added was glue sticks. To finish off the cake, I took a ribbon and wrapped it around each layer, hiding the rubber bands.

For my top layer I selected bright colored pencils and repeated the same process. If you want your cake layers to be secure to one another, you can use several wooden skewers to stick each layer to the layer above it.

I found this cute little pencil cup that I think any teacher might use on their desk! This will be my cake topper!

Here are all of my layers of my cake ready to be assembled!

Here is my cake, all assembled and ready to star as the centerpiece at a fun back to school table!

This is a cake that can serve as a centerpiece for a back to school luncheon or dessert for kids heading back to school, or for a special teacher. What a great gift this would make for an elementary school teacher after the past year.


8″ cake dummy
6″ cake dummy
10″ cake dummy
extra large rubber bands
pencil cup
School bus party supplies

If you would like to try this Back to School Crayon Wreath, you can get the full tutorial by clicking on this link: Crayon Wreath.

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  1. This is ingenious, Chloe! If this “cake” came into my classroom when I taught, it would definitely bring a smile to my face – and the students’! You even used my preferred supplies – Crayola and Fiskars. Great idea!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Sandra! I am making a second one so that each of my granddaughters can present their new teachers this year with one. They will be entering First and Second grades and be back into in-person school for the first time in over a year. The First Grader had to do online school for Kindergarten!

    1. Thank you Rachel! I am making a second one so that each of my granddaughters will have one to present to their teachers when they go back to in person school for the first time in over a year!

  2. That would be an adorable gift for an art teacher. Wrap it in pretty clear/colored cellophane with a big bow & curly ribbons. Add a gift certificate for a local coffee shop & there you are!

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