Make a Floral Cake

Have you ever seen one of these floral cakes?  It is actually very easy to make a floral cake and I will show you step by step.  This is such a nice alternative to a cake when everyone is trying to eat healthier, and it might just last longer than a real cake!  (It will at my house!)  MAKE A CAKE OF FLOWERS

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You can buy a ‘cake’ of floral foam, but they cost about $8.00.  I haven’t found them in any of my local stores, so I opt for regular floral foam which I can often get for less than $2.00 per block.  I usually have the blocks of floral foam on hand, so I choose to use those instead.

How to make a floral cake

I begin by soaking two blocks of floral foam in water.  I lay them down together on a cutting board and put a bowl on top of them.  How to make a floral cakeI press the bowl down slightly to leave an imprint in the foam for me to use as a guide for cutting.  How to make a floral cakeI use a knife to cut down all the way through the foam to begin to form my cake shape.How to make a floral cakeAs I cut, I can easily break away the pieces of the foam I won’t be using for the time being.  How to make a floral cakeOnce I have my cake shape I will be ready to make my floral cake.  How to make a floral cakeIt is important to secure the two halves of the cake together which I do with one wood skewer pushed through so it secures both pieces together.  How to make a floral cakeNow it is time to begin making the cake!  This is the fun part!  Cut the flower stems short and push them into the foam securely.  How to make a floral cakeI began with hot pink miniature carnations.  You can use all kinds of different flowers, but carnations and miniature carnations are particularly easy to work with and are long lasting.  Push the flowers in close to one another leaving no gaps in between them.  How to make a floral cakeYou can see that my cake of foam is not perfect, but when you get the flowers on, you won’t notice the difference.  I put one row of the miniature carnations all the way around the bottom edge of the ‘cake’.How to make a floral cakeI kind of imagined my carnations were my icing trim around the edges of the cake and used white cushion mums as the regular frosting.  Using full white mums, I put a row all the way around the cake.How to make a floral cakeIt isn’t looking so cake-like yet, but just wait! How to make a floral cakeTime to add some more frosting trim around the top edge of the cake with more miniature carnations. How to make a floral cakeI actually decided to use two rows of the miniature carnations to ring the top edge of my cake.  How to make a floral cakeNow, to top my cake I will fill the top in with more of the white cushion mums.  I used two bunches of miniature carnations and one bunch of mums for this cake which only cost me $12 at my local grocery store!  How to make a floral cakeOur cake is almost done at this point! How to make a floral cakeThis combination makes a pretty floral cake but I wanted to top it off with a flourish!How to make a floral cakeI lifted my cake with a large spatula onto a pretty cake plate and topped it with a single rosebud!  To make your cake last, set it on a clear or white salad plate with a bit of a ridge or higher rim and fill the plate with water.  Add water daily and your cake could last up to two weeks!  Have fun and enjoy making or gifting a floral cake!

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  1. Love this! Have 2 birthday girls coming up – will make for them. Many thanks! And even a stand for them too!

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