Make these red rose napkin rings for your Kentucky Derby party!

I wanted everything to be perfect for the Kentucky Derby party being held at the Historic Estate of Bella Terra. In addition to the centerpiece, I also crafted custom napkin rings! Read on for the easy tutorial on how to make these stunning napkin rings to dress your table.

How to make your napkin rings:

I picked up a couple of packages of shower curtain rings for $2.00 each. Each package will include 12 rings. For these napkin rings I used three rings for each napkin ring, so two packages will give you eight napkin rings.

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Put a bead of hot glue all the way around one of the closed plastic shower curtain rings.

Attach a second ring to the first with the hot glue, and then attach a third one.

Wrap 7/8″ black grosgrain ribbon around the plastic shower curtain rings. Use a bit of hot glue to secure the end of the glue inside the ring where you begin wrapping it.

Use a tiny bit of hot glue on the inside to attach the final end of the ribbon.

Your napkin ring should be looking like this!

Use a high quality artificial rose so that if you cut off the stem, the rose will stay intact. Cut the stem off as close as you can to your flower base.

Add hot glue to the base of the rose.

Secure the rose to the napkin ring and you are done!

Supplies for this project:

Shower curtain rings
Black grosgrain ribbon
Red roses

Add napkins and display:

At the party in Phoenix, the roses added an elegant touch and the ruby red color to the basic white dinner plates.

Adding the napkin rings was a nice way to add a rose to each place setting.

I styled a table for the occasion back at my home in Florida, too!

Learn how to make the horse head centerpiece!

See all of the details of the party!

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