Minnie Mouse Halloween Swag

Minnie Mouse Halloween Swag DIY

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The Foundation:

Begin with a Dollar Tree garland, a rectangle of styrofoam, wire cutters, some stiff floral wire and a couple of green pipe cleaners. 

Bend your floral wire in half as shown above. 

Push the two ends of the wire through the styrofoam as shown above. 

Cut one pipe cleaner in half. 

Bend the pipe cleaner back and forth (sort of in a “W” shape) and put it between your wires, beneath the bend in your wires.  Pull the folded end of the wire down over the pipe cleaners until it is snug as shown.  The pipe cleaner will keep the wire from cutting all the way through your foam.  Do the same on with the wires on the back side of your foam.  Twist them tightly together.Twist the wires into a secure circle to make a hanger for your swag.  Wrap the circle with your second pipe cleaner to make sure it is soft with no sharp ends to scratch your door or wall when you hang it up. 

Disguise your foam:

Open up the roll of dollar store garland.  Using greening pins, cover the styrofoam, front, back and sides with the dollar store garland.  

The Fun Begins: 

A trip over to the World of Disney at Disney Springs netted me a pair of Minnie Mouse Halloween Ears and a Minnie Mouse plush.  Set the ears over the top of the styrofoam, secure it with a pair of greening pins.  You can also use a piece of wire, bend it over and stick the ends into the foam to secure the ear headband.  This is the beginning of the Halloween swag fun!The plush Minnie Mouse got her hands pinned together as shown.  Use pipe cleaners to secure Minnie Mouse to the front of the swag.  Using small pumpkins, I fashioned a “Mickey” shaped pumpkin for Minnie to hold.  Minnie looks so happy holding her pumpkin, doesn’t she? I cut apart some creepy faux vines and added steel picks to the bottom of them to start to give my swag some shape. If you don’t have a Steel Pix machine, you can use wood wired sticks to achieve the same method.  

The creepy branches were added, top and bottom to the swag.  The next addition is some black leaves.  Now, add some orange flowers!  Purple, black and orange ornaments were strung onto a pipe cleaner, added a steel pick and they are ready to add to the swag!Fill in the rest of the swag with the flowers, the leaves and the ornaments! …and Minnie is ready to greet anyone with her candy corn hat and her “Mickey Mouse” pumpkin! 

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  1. So creative Chloe! Minnie is adorable in her candy corn hat and holding her Mickey Mouse pumpkin! Love the addition of the colorful ornaments and flowers too! Happy to be hopping with you again ♥

  2. Chloe, I am so loving the Minnie swag! All the little details plus the bright colored ornaments really catches your eye. Minnie would look right at home on any door – and any of the Disney parks.

  3. Wow Chloe, this is adorable!! And beyond creative! I love how you brilliantly put this together, and Minnie is fabulous decked out for Halloween! She was cute before, but adding the purple and orange ornaments and the creepy black twigs and leaves really makes the whole thing pop with Halloween fun! Great job and tutorial, thank you for the smiles 🙂

  4. Chloe, what a clever way to incorporate a plush figure into Halloween decor. My sister who lives in Orlando would love this! She has all kinds of Disney theme collections and decor. My sons always loved Christmas’ there as my sister had 3 and 4 foot animated Disney characters across a mantle and from floor to ceiling around her fireplace — like a holiday “it’s a small world.”

  5. Minnie is so cute dressed for Halloween! I love how you created the Mickey pumpkin for her to hold. I enjoyed watching you design this craft on your FB live. It’s so clever!

  6. Good Morning Chloe,
    Now this is just about as adorable as you can get! I had three grandchildren over yesterday and they would have eaten this colorful, whimsical and door swag right up. The oldest granddaughter (7 now) how a Minnie Mouse themed Birthday party when she was 4. Our tribe are great fans of Minnie and Mickey!
    Thanks for gathering us all up for this fun craft extravaganza!

  7. Ava Leigh would have loved this! She is into Minnie Mouse now and had a Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween. I guess it could easily be turned into a Christmas decoration and I would score extra grandma points!

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