When Things Don’t Go Right…

When Things Don’t Go Right…

Have you had one of those days, or weeks or even years when things don’t go right?  What is “right” anyway?  Hasn’t this year been one where more has gone wrong than right?  

You may make plans or have an idea in your mind of how things in your life are going to be a certain way, you know life has a way of throwing you a curve.  You can ask yourself why, but I find it is better to ask myself what.  What can I do in this situation to make the best of it, to embrace it and find those pearls of good.  

So…even though I would like to be home and curled up in my bed,  I have been on a plane (which made me a bit nervous) and working hard getting our condo for sale in Ohio. If you don’t follow me on on Instagram, you may have missed this photo I shared of the view that I will miss.  Our high rise condo was a great place to live, but through this pandemic, we have learned we don’t ‘need’ a second home.  We have had three offers that we have accepted and have all fallen through.  So, we thought we had the place sold and had planned to come up to Ohio to empty out the condominium.  Alas, we went ahead and came up, and did the work anyway.  If you want to see how our condo looked when we moved in, you can visit Modern Home Tour and Modern Home Tour ~ Part 2.  


Of course, especially this year, we have to look for the blessings around us, particularly when things are going wrong.  I have found particular joy in the colorful leaves in Ohio.  If we had not made this trip up here, I would not have been able to enjoy these beautiful colors.   

When I get home I will get to continue to enjoy the beautiful colors of the decorations on my front porch and delight in the season and coming Thanksgiving.  I hope that more things are going right than going wrong for you right now.  I am worried today about my dear friend Chas of Chas’ Crazy Creations.  Her condominium in Colorado is danger from the fires.  Remember to be kind and understanding.  You never know what someone else is going through!  You can do this!  


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  1. What a lovely view of the city. I think a lot of us have found out what we don’t need during this pandemic year. It must have been nerve wracking to fly right now! I hope all the clean out went well, and that the next offer goes through.

    1. Thank you Carole, yes, it has been a year of change for all of us. This was my first time flying and I am happy to be driving back! I have no doubt it will sell, but oh, what a lot of work!

  2. Three times? That sounds extremely stressful Chloe and I’m so sorry to hear it. I’m also sort of surprised, in that with mortgage rates so low demand has been high and supply low in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia — where our son had to put his bid in within just 2 hours of seeing the 100 year-old city row house he ended up buying. I hope you have success soon.

  3. I love the fitted bedspread.
    Could you please tell me the name of the manufacturer or where you purchased the bedspread.

    Love the Autumn leaves photo!

  4. Chloe, I am sorry for your hopes raised only to be deflated again and again, but that condo will sell, as magnificent as it is. True to your style, you found the positive in the experience of traveling back and enjoying fall in OH. I know you’ll breathe a sigh of relief once a couple weeks pass and you know you’re virus free. Pretty much everything about 2020 has been unsettling.

    1. Thank you Rita. We have free testing nearby in Florida, and I just go every couple of weeks. I did enjoy the fall colors up north. I know the condo will sell, so that isn’t weighing on my mind, especially now that we have our personal belongings out and it is ready to pass on for someone else to enjoy.

  5. You are so wonderful and kind my dear friend. We are fortunate that our condo is still safe and our hearts are heavy for all of those who lost their homes. I’m sad for you to lose your place with the incredible view. Safe travels!!!

  6. You are right, we have to look at the good things we do have around us. It’s funny how we can take it for granted.

    I try hard to look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

    I feel horrible for Chas too. I have been keeping tabs on her through Facebook.


    1. Cindy, it has been a challenging year, hasn’t it. I am glad to hear that Chas’ condo is safe, but I fear the beautiful forests around it will not be the peaceful setting for hiking for quite awhile.

  7. This year has been a trial year and I am guessing that each one of us has learned something, or at least have taken the time to reflect on our fragility. It is so courageous of you Chloe to remain positive and reject all negative thoughts. I went to the same process when we left New York to move down here. It was after September 11, and things were though then. Enjoy your your time at home with love ones.

    1. I am trying my best to try and keep a positive outlook. September 11th had a profound impact on me. My husband was on a plane headed for NYC that morning. Although 2020 has not been quite what 9-11 was, it is still time to remember to have an outlook of thankfulness.

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