Quick and Easy Game Day Grazing Board

Quick and Easy Game Day Grazing Board

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Game Time:

This is it, the weekend football fans wait for each year.  This is also the day that many of us just look forward to indulging in all of the food that goes along with the game, right?  Snack tray, grazing board, food display, call it what you want, but call your guests to fill their plates! I wanted to share a very quick and easy game day grazing board you can offer up to friends and family.  This is perfect for this coming Sunday or for any casual viewing party or get together! 
For this display you can use a large board as I did.  If you don’t have a big enough board, you can use a basket lined with parchment paper, a tray or even a tiered tray! 

For game day I will offer up pulled pork sandwiches and wings, using crock pots to keep the pork and wings warm.  The rest of the food is going to be displayed as shown.

All of these items were purchased at my local Publix.  You can pick these up at your favorite grocery or super store.  I used a small stemmed cake plate to add the dip and meats above the other snacks on my board.

The Food:

Serve up whatever your crowd likes.  For us, this was a selection of peanut butter filled pretzels, potato chips and dip, carrot sticks, tortilla chips, cherry tomatoes, white cheddar popcorn and peanuts.  I also added some mini bagel hot dogs and small salami slices. 

A Tiered Tray:

When I say easy, I am not kidding!  A few minutes to heat up the bagel dogs and all that you need to do is open up the packages and add the food to your display.  When styling a round board, try to put things out in pie-shaped triangles with the point toward the middle.

If you don’t have a big board, but you do have a tiered tray, you can use that to serve up your own quick and easy snacks.  I had a couple of little helpers, right out of the shower enjoying taste testing from the tiered snack tray! 

Will you be gathering with family or friends to watch the game this Sunday?  What part do you like best?  The food? Game? Commercials?  If you are entertaining, what will you be serving?  

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  1. I like to have something hot too, and there is a frozen spinach spanakopita that baked up in a hurry. We like the oven baked crispy raviolis as well, and I make a marinara with ricotta dipping sauce for them. Sausage balls are a favorite of course. Plus I have an easy recipe for onion toasts that puff up in the oven and are pretty tasty.

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