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Dog Days of summer party and more summer party ideas!

Summer party photos with words that say summer party ideas

There are so many ideas for hosting a summer parties. I didn’t have a special occasion, so I chose the Dog Days of Summer for this one! July 12 is the official beginning of the Dog Days of Summer!  What is better for a hot summer day than a hot dog cookout?  Unfortunately the weather didn’t agree, but that is okay, the hot dogs were grilled and the celebration began inside.  

Collage of blue and green dog themed party settings

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Blue and Green Dog Days Tablescape

A hot dog cookout is a perfect way to celebrate the Dog Days of summer in your own backyard. The summer months seem to fly by so this is a great way to host your next party!

Hot Dogs for a Dog Days of Summer Party

What do you serve to celebrate the dog days of Summer?  Well hot dogs of course! You can find even cuter doggy toothpicks right here!

Blue and Green Dog Days of Summer Party

Guests were provided with toppings to dress up their dogs, chili, onions, cheese, ketchup and mustard.  Side dishes included potato salad and baked beans, chips and pretzels.

Licorice Retreievers

I found black licorice retrievers for my party, but you can get licorice scottie dogs here!

Cute dog-shaped treats for a Dog Days Party
White Ceramic Dachshund looks over the cookies

Walker’s shortbread Scottie dogs were adorned with green and blue ribbons to tie into the decor.

Shortbread Scottish Terriers
Blue and Green Rok Candy
Puppy Chow Chex Treats served up in a dog dish

Chex Puppy Chow was served in a (brand new) dog bowl! Fudge brownies were cut into dog bone shapes and served on this adorable Kate Spade plates. These are no longer available but these plates are perfect for a dog days party!

Dog Days of Summer Party Desserts brownies cut in dog bone shapes

 I had purchased an adorable gift bag with these cute little dachshunds playing all over them.  I cut them out and glued them to tiny wooden forks to dress up my party food.

Dog Bone shaped brownies

 When I spotted these dishes, I knew exactly what I would use them for, and they became the color inspiration for my Dog Days Party.I couldn’t resist buying the accompanying tidbit plates too!  If you love dogs, maybe you want to add them to your guest list and bake up some special dog treats just for them!  The dog days of summer is a great time to celebrate everything dogs, from our best friends to hot dogs!  Enjoy it all, because summer will be gone before we know it!

Summer party themes:

If you are in the planning process for your summer parties, here are some fun summer party themes to consider:

Swimming pool and a coconut and pineapple

Pool party
Beach party
Garden party
Board games party
Outdoor movie night
Wine tasting
Backyard bbq party
Beach-themed party (not necessarily AT the beach)
July 4th party
Luau party
Ice cream social

More summer party ideas:

People enjoying a summer cookout

A summer birthdays are a ready-made excuse for hosting an outdoor event. It is the perfect time to hang up the string lights, light the fire pit and invite your party guests! Think colorful decorations, good food, a tiki bar and cold drinks. All of these are great options for enjoying summer!


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  1. This is just too cute Chloe! I love the way you work a theme and make it fun and elegant. This color combo is one I wanted to use this summer but never got around to it.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I had really been pondering which colors to use when I discovered those cute Kate Spade dishes! That was it, blue and green it is. I have promised my Mom I will do a golf luncheon for she and her friends this Fall using the same colors.

  2. Chloe, you’ve done it again! This is absolutely adorable. I’ve heard of the dog days of summer my whole life, but never thought to throw a party in its honor. What a great idea! The colors are so cheerful and the brownie bones are my favorite!

  3. Luv this tablescape Chloe!!! Your inspiration plates are adorable! It makes one want to have a hotdog party right away… and Hebrew national hotdogs are the best … Along with your little white dogs!

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