How to Make a Vintage Patriotic Wreath

My vintage patriotic wreath was a natural follow-up to my Vintage Look Fourth of July Banner.  I had leftover scraps of fabric and plenty of extra book pages I had stained with coffee, so this made a quick and easy coordinated piece to add to my July decorations.Vintage Patriotic Wreath

Vintage Patriotic Wreath

I had all kinds of scraps left from my banner, you can see in the above piece where I cut out one of my pennants!  I laid out the fabric flat on a cutting mat.

Vintage Patriotic Wreath

I took my rotary cutter and ran it through the fabric, making strips with a bit of a curve to them to make them easier to adhere to my wreath.

Vintage Patriotic WreathI took a plain styrofoam wreath and sprayed it in small sections with spray adhesive.  I then took the scraps and one at a time I wrapped them around the wreath and stretched and smoothed the fabric around the wreath form.  I overlapped each piece of fabric to cover all of the exposed styrofoam.

Vintage Patriotic WreathHere is my wreath with the fabric scraps all attached firmly to the wreath form.  I simply alternated the star fabric with the vintage print.

Vintage Patriotic WreathOn the back side there were a couple of places where the fabric had not adhered where it overlapped other pieces of fabric.  I simply used a tiny bit of hot glue to secure those spots.

Vintage Patriotic Wreath

I wanted this to match my banner, so I made a few more of my paper rosettes.  If you would like the tutorial for this, you can find it here:  Vintage Look Banner.

Vintage Patriotic Wreath

I made these in three different sizes and added them to my fabric-covered wreath and it is ready to display!  Vintage Patriotic Wreath

Little driftwood sailboats are perfect to accompany the wreath!

Vintage Patriotic WreathI will be displaying my wreath on my mantel.  Where would you display yours?

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  1. Chloe, I am loving your vintage wreath and banner displayed on your mantel. What a fun way to have a touch of patriotic in your home! You have a knack for creative DIY’s! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. With three red/white/blue holidays each year, this would come in handy. However, it seems very simple to make and I could easily (I hope) make a few different ones. It is very pretty and definitely has the vintage feel. Is there a brand of spray adhesive that you prefer and how do you store your wreaths?

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