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How to make this big, patriotic wreath for your front door!

Memorial Day is the start of what I think of as the patriotic season of decorating. I am more than happy to display my love of America with a patriotic wreath. I hope this inspires you to create a wreath for your front door this summer, and that you display it proudly! My patriotic decorations have been unpacked and are displayed all over my front porch! Good thing, because July 4th will be here before we know it!

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The base:

I found these unique wreath frames online. I imagine these are made for creating deco mesh wreaths, but this was exactly what I needed!

A 24 inch wire wreath form was used around the plastic wreath form. Using pipe cleaners, connected tightly to the wire wreath form where the cross wires attach will help to secure the inner plastic wreath form.

Using those holes in the plastic wreath form, I secured it inside the wire wreath form.

I used as many pipe cleaners as necessary to make sure my two wreath bases were secure to one another. They did not wobble at all.

The tinsel:

I used wire cutters to cut a number of pipe cleaners in half and used those half pipe cleaners to begin attaching red, white and blue tinsel garland around the outside edge of the wire wreath frame. Check your local dollar store for the tinsel!

After going all of the way around the outside of the wire frame with the tinsel garland once, I went around two more times, working toward the inside of the frame.

With three circles of the tinsel garland on my wire frame, this wreath is beginning to look festive!

The streamers:

I selected a number of patriotic ribbons and cut them into long streamers.

Instead of a big patriotic bow, I decided to use a multitude of long streamers at the bottom. I picked up an assortment of red ribbons, white ribbons and blue ribbon made of different materials, some were satin and some were burlap ribbon. You can also use strips cut from fabric scraps or an old pair of jeans to make streamers for a more farmhouse style for your diy fourth of July wreath.

My patriotic ribbon add a big showy look to my wreath. I wanted to make sure I added those before I added anything else onto the front of my wreath so I could attach the streamers on the back.

The center decor:

To have a base to add decor to the middle of my wreath, I added a large block of styrofoam. I covered it with chicken wire and attached it to the center wreath form with pipe cleaners. You could also add a foam wreath to the round plastic wreath form.

An Uncle Sam decoration was just the thing for the center of my wreath. To make sure the styrofoam would not show through, I tucked a little extra garland behind Uncle Sam. I secured that with greening pins. I secured Uncle Sam with pipe cleaners, attaching him to the center wreath form.

I tucked red, white and blue faux flowers from Dollar Tree into the styrofoam filling in all around Uncle Sam. You can substitute a metal or paper mache star for the center of your wreath.

To finish off and add some sparkle to my wreath, I added glittery blue stars along with red and white glitter curly picks. You could add whatever catches your eye, like small flags, white pom poms, and other decorations you can find. This is turning into such a festive wreath!

The finished wreath:

Oh, I ended up adding a trio of red, white and blue pinwheels to the wreath too! It is fun, because they spin around in the wind! If you have trouble keeping birds out of your wreaths, this might be just the answer!

Craft supplies for this project:

24 inch wire wreath frame
16 inch wreath board
red, white and blue tinsel
glitter stars
Uncle Sam


When I was ready to hang this on my front door I realized it was WAY too heavy to hang on the strongest of the Command hooks I usually use. I decided to use my door knocker and attached my wreath with a couple of pipe cleaners. As you can see, it hung WAY too low!

Time to shop! I found this door hanger that says it will support 20 pounds! It adjusts from 13 to 18 inches from the top of the door. You can find it at Grandinroad.

How will you celebrate your next patriotic holiday?

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If you would like a patriotic swag for your door, follow the instructions for this swag but substitute red, white and blue.

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  1. So pretty! Where did you get that beautiful wreath hanger for your door? I’d love to find one like that!

  2. Chloe, I love the Patriotic Wreath. Its beautiful and I saved it. May try one for myself, I too am very patriotic but like you I don’t shout it from the rooftops. Enjoy your summer holidays with this beautiful wreath on your front door!!!

  3. Hi Chloe
    I love your wreath. I’m a lover of red, white and blue for the summer. I hope you big project is finished

    1. Thank you Teri! The big construction project out back is moving along as is my kitchen. I hope to have a working kitchen sink and dishwasher next week!!! YAY!

  4. Chloe, I am so glad you provided a detailed tutorial. I was trying to figure out what you used in the middle. What a clever idea and those long ribbons on the bottom just add to the festivity. Since my front door is so wide, this size and abundance would look terrific. Really spectacular, my friend!

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