How to Easily Decorate Your Front Door for any Holiday or Season

Wondering how to decorate around your front door for the holidays or seasons? I have figured it out and this is just what you need! I love to decorate my front door for every season and every holiday. I usually don’t just hang a simple wreath or swag, I like to go big!

For springtime I created a faux wisteria vine that looked like it was growing right around my front door.

One fall I went all out with this bountiful display of pumpkins, gourds and fall leaves.

The problem:

Every time I wanted to decorate my front door with decorations all the way around my door I had to come up with some different way to attach them and display them. How to hang leaves around your front door? How to hang pumpkins around your front door? In this case, how to hang beach balls around your front door?

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The solution:

I have mulled this over and over again and finally come up with a solution that will make this work season after season, holiday after holiday!

The supplies:

First, I found a pair of containers that will look good on my front porch all of the time, not just when I am using them for seasonal decorating. I got mine from At Home, but these from Amazon are similar since At Home has stopped carrying for the season.

After I found the right planters, it was off to the Home Depot. I purchased three 10′ lengths of 1″ diameter pieces of PVC and one 10′ length of 1 1/4″ PVC.

I also picked up two 1″ 90 degree elbows as shown above. To support the decorations that I am going to want to display I also bought two 50 pound bags of concrete mix before heading home.

Assemble the display:

I measured the height of my planters and determined how tall I would need my 1 1/4″ pieces of PVC to be to sit in them from the bottom of the planters up to about six inches above the top of the planters. Next I measured the distance from the bottom of the planter up to the top of my doorway.

The PVC has to be cut to those lengths. Two cut to go into the concrete into the planters, two uprights and one to go across the top of the doorway.

After all of the PVC has been cut it is time to mix the concrete. One 50 pound bag is used in each planter. I would like to tell you how much water I used, but my husband took over and having mixed a lot of concrete helping his father as kid, he just told me, “you eyeball it”.

Before putting the 1 1/4″ pieces of PVC down into the concrete in the planter, I had to put some duct tape securely over the end to keep it from filling with concrete.

Use a level to make sure that piece of PVC in the concrete is setting up straight. This piece will be the base support for my arch up the sides and over the top of my doorway.

When the concrete has set the upright PVC pieces can be set down in the base pieces. The red arrow shows you where I slide the 1″ upright into the 1 1/4″ base.

After putting the upright pieces of PVC in it is easy to put the elbows on the top and then slide the horizontal piece that goes across the top of the door on. My pieces fit quite snugly and didn’t need any adhesive to hold them together. This will make them easy for me to take apart to store in between seasons or holidays.

Above you can see the three removable pieces of PVC that I have assembled that I will be able to use season after season and holiday after season and simply take them down when I am not using them!

It is summertime and the 4th of July is past, so how did I decorate this for the first time?

Decorating the Doorway:

Our swimming pool was only recently finished and we are anxious to invite friends and family always to enjoy a break from the heat here in Florida. What better way than with a pool party? I greeted them in a big way!

Having the archway to hang the beach balls on was such an easy way to display them!

I strung them on waxed string feeding the string through that little opening left after you put the plug into the ball after inflating.

After feeding the string through, push the plug down into the ball. Be aware, the ball will still slide along the string. The waxed thread allowed me to tie strings of beach balls to the arch and it stuck right where I tied it. For future projects I may be drilling some holes in the PVC to wire decorations to the arch. This time, I think it turned out perfect!

Supplies for this project:

PVC – Home Depot
Planters – Amazon
Concrete – Home Depot
Beach Balls – Amazon
Waxed cord – Amazon

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  1. Chloe, I LOVE this idea. I am sending this to my Scott so he can make me something similar. Those beach balls…you are truly a genius, my friend! And that wisteria!! I bet everyone purposefully walks by your house to check out your front door! This needs to be in a magazine. I will share this on Saturday Meanderings. Wow. Just wow.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!
    We have tried every clip or command strip. Nothing would hold to our rock or brick. I’m so excited to give this a try.

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