Best Ikea Flatware

Best Ikea Flatware

Styling tables is a passion of mine, and one of the items I use often is my Ikea flatware. Collecting a variety of flatware can be an expensive undertaking.  At some point I needed something more rustic and a trip to Ikea solved that!  If you are looking for some casual flatware, this might be just what you are looking for!  When you title a table as a Fall Woodland Tablescape of course you use wood-handled flatware!  This was a theme that carried all the way through.  Brown and white tablescape celebrating birds with bird's nests and eggs.

This tablecloth with muted eggs and branches was the inspiration for a spring table with birds’ nests and eggs.  

A lemon lime tablescape with yellow Nicole Miller scalloped dinner plates, Pioneer woman jade green salad plates and Ikea wood handled flatware and green and white striped napkins
Who would have thought a Lemon-Lime tablescape was right for wooden handled flatware?  When you are serving up a casual lunch on the porch, you want casual flatware! If you love that green salad plate, can you believe it is from Walmart?  

Fall and wood accents always go together, don’t they?  Looking back, evidently I use these for almost all of my fall tables.   Don’t have an Ikea near you?  You can get this delivered right to you!  

From autumn to summer, this casual flatware fits so many different styles.  A beach inspired table with a burlap tablecloth featured DIY seashell chargers.  

My late summer tablescape was a celebration of sunflowers.  The Ikea flatware was a perfect complement to the brown and yellow place settings.This versatile flatware mixes perfectly for a farmhouse look table like I styled for the Fourth of July.a french rabbit salad plate with moss runner for a spring table

A spring table featuring moss runners paired with that same reliable flatware, no question about that!   

Faux wooden chargers partner with the same wood handled Ikea flatware.  This was a unique green and white themed Thanksgiving table.  I didn’t even realize how many times I have used this flatware until I went back through my archives! 

If you love the farmhouse look, this is great flatware.  Look how nicely this flatware mixed with my galvanized chargers!  A lobster dinner made for a fun casual get together. Styling a neutral fall table didn’t rule out bringing out that same flatware.  Have you ever used butcher paper for a runner?  It is great for writing messages or names right on the runner!  

Christmas tablescape with little red trucks with Christmas trees in the back of the trucksOf course red pick up trucks with Christmas trees (or cars in this case) call for rustic flatware, doesn’t it?  Gather script as a centerpiece for a rustic and casual thanksgiving tableFall is the perfect season to bring out that same flatware.  Anytime I am going natural or casual seems like a perfect time to go wooden handles!  Do you have some favorite flatware that you find yourself using again and again?  

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  1. Hi, Chloe,

    I love the look of the flatware with the various seasonal tablescapes. But do you actually USE it to eat with? I’m wondering because it got a number of bad reviews on Amazon. If I purchased it, I would use it only on special occasions and would hand wash it, but I and my family would actually be eating with it; I wouldn’t be using it only for display.

    Your thoughts?


    1. I hand wash this flatware and hand dry it as soon as I have finished washing it. I have used it quite a bit, particularly for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I have never had any problem with it, I am actually wondering why people have given it bad reviews.

  2. I have some wood handled flatware that I bought from BBB that I not only like to use for eating, but am amazed at how it goes with so many of my tablescapes! Yours looks great with all these different themes…can you believe I have never been to an Ikea! Probably just as well, I would buy too much!

  3. Awesome ideas Chloe, You are right, this is a truly versatile flatware set. I have been trying to stay away from IKEA lately (LOL). I have a tendency to spend too much when I go there . Superb tablescapes by the way.

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