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I don’t know why I thought this would be a good idea, but I thought a Broadway Tablescape Blog Hop would be a fun way to take note of the upcoming Tony Awards.  I love live theater and have been fortunate to attend several shows in New York City and the West End in London.  Prior to starting Celebrate & Decorate I did quite a bit of performing in community theaters both in Florida and Ohio.  Alas, the time commitment just didn’t jive with my lifestyle and I have left the life of the theater except as an audience member.  

So, what show to style my table around was the question.  Hmmmm, I considered War Paint, which I was fortunate to attend the Broadway opening of.  Can’t you see pretty cosmetic bottles on different levels displayed as a centerpiece?  So many different shows flew through my mind, but I settled on one of my favorites, Wicked!

My concept was to invite my dinner guests to join me for one short night in the Emerald City instead of, “one short day in the emerald city”.Wicked the Musical TablescapeI was afraid the blue color scheme in my dining room would fight with my tablescape, but I think the green actually pulled all of the greens out of my Ballard Design chairs.
Wicked the Musical Tablescape

I know I am not alone, we often envision something in our mind, but can’t quite find all of the elements we would like to carry it off.  I really wanted emerald green glass dinner plates, but my search was in vain.  I opted for these pretty emerald beaded placemats and topped them each with a square clear glass dinner plate.  For a salad plate I spotted these cabbage dishes on sale at Pier One and them immediately reminded me of the lyrics, “LIKE A FROGGY, FERNY CABBAGE, THE BABY IS UNNATURALLY GREEN”!

Wicked the Musical TablescapeA pair of green spectacles, just like those donned by Elphaba and Glinda when they visited the Emerald City were propped on each salad plate so guests can truly see everything in shades of green.
Wicked the Musical Tablescape

Wicked has a steampunk style to it.  I found these steampunk style clocks on Amazon and decided to use two of them back to back for the focus of my centerpiece.  I anchored the clocks on green charger flanking a cube of wet floral foam.  I used foxtails cut from my yard and green chrysanthemums to complete my centerpiece.

Wicked the Musical Tablescape

Emerald green gems were sprinkled over the tabletop.  An antique green candy dish was also overflowing with the same green gems.  Wicked the Musical TablescapeI was so pleasantly surprised when I spotted these vibrant green chrysanthemums at my grocery store!

Wicked the Musical Tablescape

Goblets with green and gold bands around the top were a perfect choice.  Gold seems to be the perfect partner with green so I used my new gold flatware from West Elm as part of my place settings.

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  1. Chloe, I didn’t realize you have a history of theater performance! No wonder you always create such wonderful props for your tables and home decor – it’s a natural extension of your talent! Love your centerpiece here, and yes, I totally get trying to find the right element mix. The main reason I was finally able to make mine click was a notice in the mail for our local theater’s casting call for my show’s theme. I knew I had the elements, and it just flowed. Thanks so much for the challenge on this hop’s theme. I think yours and all the other tables turned out wonderfully en pointe.

    1. Thank you so much Rita. I sometimes think I get a little too ‘dramatic’ with my tables, I have been working to tone them down just a bit. I think this was a great challenge, to make us all think outside of our normal ideas of a tablescape! I have really loved seeing how everyone interpreted the theme!

  2. Chloe, I did not know you have such a history of the theater…how fun! I agree with Rita, your creations are a natural extension of your over-all talent! I love your centerpiece and your plate stack that combine to make a wonderfully “Wicked” Tablescape. As many Broadway plays that I have seen, I have never seen Wicked! Thanks once again for hosting a Tablescape blog hop, this was by far the most challenging for me, but I have enjoyed everyone’s Broadway interpretations!

    1. Thank you so much Pam. As I replied to Rita, I keep trying to reign in the drama, as I feel like I get a little carried away sometimes. I feel like everyone has their own preference when it comes to theater, some shows I have seen that “everyone” seems to love have left me “blah”, I love Wicked, but I know others who don’t care for it. I think it is the music. I fell in love with Stephen Schwartz’s music back in high school when I first saw Pippin and have been a fan ever since! I know this was a challenge for most of us, if you have any ideas for something ‘different’ we could do in the future, I am all ears!

    1. Thank you Carole, my sister is still an amazing costume designer, having just finished a costume for her daughter to attend Megacon here in Orlando. I bought those glasses years ago at Party City. I had to hunt quite a bit to find them!

  3. Wicked fun Chloe!! you definitely made me feel like I was in the Emerald City and seeing green! I too love live theatre, my acting skills are zero, but I did help design and paint the sets for my high school musical, South Pacific which was another reason why I chose that one. I think it’s so great now that people can experience the thrill of the theater all over the country, and not just on Broadway. I think your idea for this tablescape hop is so original and fun! It is so interesting to see all the different and creative interpretations! I think the green placemats you found are just fabulous, and I bet you will be amazed at how versatile they will become, I can already picture something holiday in their future~ the clock in the centerpiece is a major wow factor, and you are so right all those greens and sparkling glass beads killed the blue in your chairs and you created a magical green Wicked scene! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and for keeping the hop going! How many have we done now, I’ve lost track, 6?
    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you thank you!!

    1. I was trying to think back when you asked, I think it might be 6! I will be opening up the sign up for a Summertime Tablescape blog hop next week! Thank you so much for your kind words. I was already thinking about Saint Patrick’s Day with those placemats! Can you believe those clocks were just $9.95? I am thinking I have to do an entire steampunk table!

  4. First of all, your tablescape is awesome. I think we must have a lot in common. I, too, love shopping at West Elm, I’m also intrigued by the Steampunk trend, and I’m a fan of Ballard Designs (love your chairs!) Mostly, I’m jealous that you can go out in your yard and have such beautiful foliage at your fingertips. Your setting is just lovely. You can certainly tell you have an artistic touch.

    Also, Chloe, thank you so much for putting together this bloghop and asking me to participate. I had so very much fun! I’m in awe of how all the participants expressed their different interpretations and made a tablescape to fit their different settings… seaside, rooftop, outdoors, small or large homes. It was inspiring!

    1. Oh, Wendy, thank you! I have foxtails, but I really miss things like hostas and peonies which I can’t grow here in Florida. This was fun, a challenge but, fun, it is always good to challenge ourselves, right? Who knew we had so much in common? I sent you a detailed email!

  5. Hi Chloe… me again. Just read your bio. We have a winter condo in Ft. Myers, Fla, but I have a good college friend who lives in Celebration. Also… I see you have a condo on Lake Erie. I’m curious to know where. My husband and I also have a very small condo in an old building on the Lake, in downtown Sandusky, just across the street from the Jet Express. So beautiful there!

  6. Kudos to you Chloe for your Wicked theme. Loving the green and like you suggested, they will come in handy for St. Paddy’s day. The sun glasses are cool. Interesting to know about your theater background. The chairs look great with your green. Try pillow cases sometimes. I always cover mine with them for a color I need to change. Thanks so much for setting this fun challenge up. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

    1. Thank you Linda, that is a great idea about the pillowcases, I see me now stalking the bedding section of Home Goods now! Hmmm, my theater background is kind of a long story, but I did quite a bit of community theater both in northeast Ohio and down here in Florida. I will have to connect with you sometime and tell you the story of how it happened and why I am not doing it any longer, but I do miss spending time on stage. Any chance you are attending Haven this summer?

      1. You are very welcome, I would love to hear more about your theater story. Yes, stalk those aisles woman….I have been using pillow cases for years. They happen to fit my chairs and gives them a great look that goes with the tablescapes. Inexpensive fix too…Ross, home Goods, Kmart, Walmart and more. Sorry to say, I am not going to Haven….maybe next year.

  7. Chloe, I have been impressed by all the creativity with the Broadway theme this week.
    I loved Wicked. The music was wonderful. One thing I want to do after viewing all the blogs this week is to watch the movies or listen to the sound tracks of each musical represented again.
    Your table with all the fresh flowers and greenery in several shades of green accented with a little gold and your centerpiece is creative and has personality. Love the placemats and the goblets and the plates. I look forward to seeing you use them again totally differently.
    I’m showing my age or ignorance but I had to look up steampunk! LOL!

    1. Thank you so much Bonnie, I don’t know how I learned of steampunk, but I have known about it for a bit now. I am sure I will be using all of the elements again in different ways.

  8. I have been a fan of steampunk for years but just haven’t taken the time to design a table with the theme. Your table is very cool and the vibe from the green sunglasses is awesome. The greenery in addition to the green dinnerware and glasses is just perfect. This blog hop was fun and challenging and thank you so much for bringing us together again. You’re the best!



    1. Evidently steampunk is in the dictionary…”a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.” If you are of a certain age as I am, I find that comparing it to the old TV show, The Wild Wild West was the first steampunk. Although I did perform in a couple of shows in community theater back in my early teens it was only after I became an empty nester that I did a lot of community theater. I am so excited to learn you are attending Haven, I get so unsure of myself attending events like that where I don’t know anyone! I will hopefully get a chance to tell you the rest of the theater story!

  11. Very creative and you rocked this tablescape, love the beautiful green accents pieces and the whole table is so theatre inspired.Thanks for organzing this. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  12. Wicked – my favorite of all time! I’ve seen it in Richmond but someday, I’ll see it in New York. I love everything about your table and really like how the greens played off of the blues in your dining room. Bravo! Chloe, I have had so much fun with this hop – Thank you for organizing it – I can’t wait until the next one!

  13. YES!!! I absolutely LOVE the steampunk vibe you have going with the beautiful emerald touches. I’m a huge fan of those lettuce plates and gold flatware. Thank you so much for organizing this fun and challenging blog hop. It’s so great to pushed in the decor niche and I really enjoyed seeing all the creative and theatrical tables this week . Can’t wait for your next brilliant idea Chloe! xoxo

  14. Hi Chloe, As mother to two kids who were drawn to the stage like sunflowers to the sun I can appreciate all the exhausting hours and intensity of a life in theater, and also the thrill of production. (luckily both have settled on other careers with more certain paths!) Wicked can be a positive adjective in Boston, so I’m going to tell you that your table is wicked good and I hope you know it is a compliment! The clock centerpiece is perfect. I love challenges for table settings, and I hope to join your hop someday! Linda

    1. Cheers to you for supporting your kids’ love of the theater! It can take over your life, can’t it? Thank you so much for your kind words! I will reach out to you when I send out the information for my next hop!

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