Chloe’s Celebrations ~ Brain Shots for Halloween

Need a creepy drink to serve at your upcoming Halloween Party?  How about these Brain Shots?  Yes, it is a shot of alcohol, but it has a tangy taste because of the lime juice you add, and let’s face it, it looks like s miniature brain resting in the bottom of the shot glass!

Brain Shots

Halloween Brain Shots

2 Parts Vodka
1 Part Lime Juice
Bailey’s Irish Cream

Put two parts of Vodka in a shot glass add one part lime juice. Using a straw, put it into the Bailey’s, place your finger over the end of the straw to hold the liquid in the straw, then carefully drop the Bailey’s into the shot glass. The acidity of the lime juice will cause the sweet Bailey’s to curdle into the “brain”. Drip a tiny bit of the grenadine into the edge of the shot glass to simulate a little blood.


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