Decorating A Nautical Nursery

A Nautical Nursery

Two years ago I was going to have my daughter and granddaughters staying with us for three months while my son in law was in some military training.  This wasn’t a short visit and I really wanted their room to be comfortable and cute for them to stay in.  Children grow up so quickly and they no longer sleep in a crib or a toddler bed, so new beds and linens are in store!  I have decided it is time to get creative and re-style the room!  I have started a few projects and I look forward to sharing those projects and the new room reveal in the coming weeks, but this was a perfect time to revisit this sweet little nursery.

Decorating A Nautical Nursery

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A Nautical Nursery

The fun thing about children’s rooms is you can go a little “themey” (I don’t think that is really a word).  Being that the house is really being decorated in a coastal/nautical style, I decided to go nautical with the girl’s room.  A simple white crib from Amazon was adequate as this is only a “visiting” nursery.  I was really happy to find this Dream on Me toddler bed.  It is similar in style to the crib and there is a drawer for toys underneath it.  Ours is filled with Duplos.  It is a great place to keep them hidden away.  Trying to get so much done at the house, I was thrilled to be able to order the beds on Amazon and have them delivered to my door.  A Nautical Nursery for Two Young SistersA blue and white bin from Home Goods catches all of the dirty clothes and a red fleece blanket across the end of the toddler bed adds a little more color to the nursery.

Chrome Boat Cleats serve as the anchor for drapery tiebacks.

You can’t decorate a nautical room without using real boat cleats for drapery tiebacks, can you?  I purchased these nice chrome cleats and my dear hubby put them up in no time at all.

IndoorOutdoor poufs for extra seating in a nautical NurseryI bought a pair of these Threshold outdoor poufs for extra seating.  It is a great place to perch next to the toddler bed to read a bedtime story or two.  These are lightweight and have handy handles on them so the girls love moving them around.

Red White and Blue Activity table for coloring in a Nautical Nursery

Painting is not my strong suit.  I bought this table and chairs used for just $10, but my husband jokes I have $300 of time spent refinishing it. I will be showing you the project shortly, but I can say the girls love sitting here to color, look at books and play.

Nautical Nursery Bed linen ideasThe bed linens are primarily Sadie and Scout from Amazon.  I love these sweet little anchor sheets and each bed got a blue and white striped quilt.  I ordered the 4-piece bumper after they arrived since someone seemed to get her leg stuck through the bars without it.  At 16 months old I am not worried about her safety sleeping with it.

Nautical Nursery Linens

The Bear and Bunny nautical pillows came from Land of Nod and were a big hit with everyone.  I love their friendly but sleepy faces.

Decorating a Nautical NurseryNautical flags , also from Land of Nod add a punch of color to the walls in the room.  Three were hung above each of the girls’ beds in a vertical pattern and the last three were hung horizontally above the closet doors.Beach-pail-bookends--768x542

Those bookends holding up the books?  I made those with those little pails and some styrofoam, sand and seashells.  You can see all the details right here:  How to Make Beach Pail Bookends.

Bookshelves with red and blue pails in a Nautical NurseryTwo Cat in the Hats that grandpa picked up on a business trip sit waiting to be loved.  A selection of books is supported by my beach pail bookends.  Click on that link and you can learn how easy they are to make.  The rest of the pails all from the dollar spot at Target hold chalk and crayons to be used only under supervision!Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.30.53 PMThis fun anchor light eventually found a spot on a wall, but it is a great night light, it has 3 modes, off, on and on for 4 hours, which is perfect for putting the girls to bed at night.

Chalkboard hung at a low height for toddlers to chalk on.I wish this was my artwork, but alas, a dear friend did this amazing welcome home sign for the girls on a chalkboard that was hung at the perfect height for them to draw on.  Decorating a nautical nursery for these two was a labor of true love.  I have had wonderful visits with these two and now I am looking forward to surprising them with a newly styled room for their more grown up tastes!

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  1. A labor of love indeed! Your precious girls are going to have so much fun in this room and even more fun with you. Fun details are important in rooms for toddlers and you have included so many. Don’t worry about posting we’ll be here when you are ready. This is the time for lots of hugs and giggles!

    1. Thanks Sandra, That is just the sweetest message! Even though we have never met, you mean so much to me! When I am up in Ohio later this summer, I might have to drive up to Michigan to see you!

  2. What a darling room! I live on an island so there are lots of nautical themes going on here. I’m sure your little ones will love it! Thanks for sharing and linking. Happy May, Chloe!


  3. You have put so effort in styling this nursery. Looks so incredible. Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to have you again next week.

  4. Hi Chloe,
    I am just stopping by to let you know I will be featuring your post at next week’s No Place Like Home party on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Chloe, your room for your granddaughters is so cute. I’m sure they will appreciate what grandma did to make them happy. We have one guest room that is the “kids” room, too. Thank you for sharing at Your Inspired Design Link Party.

  6. So clever. I am planning a post on coastal cribs and snagged one of your pictures to use. I will , of course, be giving you credit and linking back.

  7. I am so green with envy, grandkids and an adorable room for them! First though, I need daught in laws! My nickname is Queen of Theme and I officially declare themes a word! I love to use themes to decorate, entertain, wrap gifts, etc. The room is not only cute, but cleverly designed and decorated.

  8. Beautiful Chloe, just beautiful. Very sweet room. There’s nothing you do that I don’t love. Very talented, thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Chloe, what a special grandma your granddaughters have. I love everything you did in the girls room. Especially those pails, they DO look like they just came home from a day at the beach ! I have a question for you; I was wondering about the drapery tie backs, did you make the rope tie backs ? I bought some cleats for same reason in my grandsons bedroom but haven’t been able to find any “rope” tie backs that aren’t just sections of rope tied to give a similar look. Yours look like one continuous piece of rope in a circle, did you somehow make it ? If so, did you post the directions ? I would love to get some or make some for my grandsons room. Thanks for posting. This is such a fun time for your granddaughters AND you !

    1. Hi Diena. Thank you for your kind complements. I just bought those pieces of “rope” at JoAnn’s and cut them to the length I needed and knotted them. It was easy and I am sure you can replicate it.

  10. Chloe , I love how you did the room up for your granddaughters, it looks so cute and so fresh and clean . Makes me think of being on a boat on a beautiful summer day,You must be such a great Grandmother to them they are so lucky to have you ,

    1. Oh, thank you Deborah! Just wait until the reveal this week of the re-do of the room. They aren’t a baby and toddler any longer, but little girls! I have created a sweet little girls room for them to stay in while they are staying with me for 10 weeks while my daughter is at Army basic training.

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