Easy DIY Halloween Wreath

I love my fall decor around my front door, but a Halloween wreath is a great way to greet trick or treaters come the end of October! The month of October things are a challenge between fall and halloween decor.

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The grapevine wreath form:

The first thing is to start with a wreath form. There are so many ways to make a diy wreaths. I have used a foam wreath form, a wooden wreath form and a wire wreath form in the past, but the kind I use the most often is a grapevine wreath form. This one is not just a grapevine wreath base, but a black glittered one! I found mine at Michaels, but you could always take a plain grapevine wreath from your local craft store and paint it with black spray paint and add some glitter to get the same look.

Black glitter grapevine wreath.

Decorate your wreath:

You can’t beat some Dollar Tree supplies. I picked up two stems of these purple glittered leaves at my Dollar Tree store. Simply pull each of the leaves off of the stem. Take a hot glue gun and use a good amount of hot glue to adhere the purple leaves to the grapevine wreath, working all the way around the wreath.

Hands adding purple leaves to a black glitter wreath

Complete adding the leaves all the way around the wreath. They do not need to all go the same way but can be glued on in different directions around the wreath form. Leave a small space uncovered by leaves at the top of the wreath where you can attach your bow later.

I have used these creepy doll heads for a couple of different diy crafts this Halloween season. This will make this a scary Halloween wreath.

I made two holes opposite one another on the back side of the heads. I used a wood burning tool, but a drill will do the same thing. If you can’t find or don’t want to use the creepy doll heads, you could use skull heads as an alternative.

Use black pipe cleaners or floral wire and feed it through the head.

Pull the pipe cleaner through and twist it tightly.

Use the pipe cleaner to attach the head to the wreath. I did this three times around the wreath.

I wanted to add some bright orange to my wreath and had this bittersweet garland on hand. I cut smaller pieces of the garland and added them around the wreath.

After attaching the bittersweet berries, I added a big bow of orange ribbon with black trim.

To finish off this wreath I picked up some black plastic spiders. You can also pick up a handful of plastic bugs from your local dollar store. I used hot glue to attach one spider to the center of the ribbon and added a couple of more to the orange bittersweet where they would stand out.

And just like that, you have a spooky Halloween wreath.

Supplies for making your own Halloween wreath:

Black glitter grapevine wreath
Creepy doll heads
Orange and black ribbon

I hope you have enjoyed this Halloween wreath tutorial and are inspired by this sweet project!

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  1. It looks perfect. The orange really stands out. I’m not a glitter person but I think I need to get some of those purple leaves to add to my decorating.

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