Fill a Burlap Bag for this Fall Decoration

Fill a Burlap Bag for this Fall Decoration

When I spotted these cute little bags at Target, I knew these would be perfect for a fall decoration.  I just didn’t know until I got started how I would use them.

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As with other crafts, it just came to me, and I began to fill the bag with plastic shopping bags to make it appear full.  Turn the bag over and cut a small hole in the back of it as shown above.  I did this so I could hang this on a door.  You will see later that I found an even better use for this project! A piece of styrofoam left from a swag would be perfect for this project.  You can see the details on how I set this up at my Knock Off Door Swag postThe hanger on the back of the styrofoam from the swag is pulled through the hole I cut in the back of the burlap bag.  I can hang the bag from this hook.  The top of the bag was filled with additional scraps of styrofoam.  You could also use dry floral foam.  My bag was all ready to add some of those apples and pumpkins to it!  Wooden skewers were stuck into small faux pumpkins and apples.  With skewers in all of my pumpkins and apples, I will be ready to fill my burlap bag.  Stick all of the pumpkins and the apples into the top of the bag, securing them into the foam inside the bag.

Three stems of Dollar Tree fall leaves were cut apart and tucked into the spaces between the apples and pumpkins.  This fun and unique decoration is ready to hang on the door for fall!  It was too early for me to put a fall decoration on my front door, so I brought it inside.  When I casually sat the bag down on my island, I realized this was where my bag belonged!  I added a few apples and an apple candle for a perfect vignette for fall.  A joy of creating and crafting is that you may think you are heading one direction with a project and end up in a totally different direction.   Tuck an apple scented candle next to your bag and enjoy!  I hope I have inspired you to to start creating!


Faux Apples
Faux Pumpkins
Burlap Bag 
Plastic Shopping bags (you could also use tissue paper)
Faux fall leaves 
Apple scented candle

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  1. Chloe, I really like how you thought out of the box, in your fall decor. It looks lovely. And I love the idea of how you hung it. What you wrote, struck a cord with me -” A joy of creating and crafting is that you may think you are heading one direction with a project and end up in a totally different direction.” So many times, I set out to make a certain creation which looked perfect in my mind, but in the process, developed something totally different – and later realized, the latter was better.. I like it and will use this quote again. 🙂 Thank you sharing your fall decor at Meraki Link Party. Hope to see you again this week.

  2. I always, always open and read your posts, you have a great gift! Love all your crafts. Keep it up, PLEASE ❤ I love it all!!

  3. Chloe-I am such a clod in not giving you your “atta girls”. So many times you give me great ideas and I walk away with my mind full and my comment box empty of Thank You’s. I apologize. I love todays apple/pumpkin sack. Such a simple idea but oh, so, cute. Thank you-Cindy in Northern Idaho.

    1. Oh, Cindy, no apology necessary! I am very happy to hear from you, though! Hey, where do you live in Idaho? I lived in Orifino and Moscow as a child! I ma glad you liked this project!

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