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Hang This Above Your Holiday Table!

Hang This Above Your Holiday Table!

You saw the picture of this branch I found out in the yard and probably wonder what in the world I am thinking!  Read on and see what I did with $7.00 of Western Cedar from the garden center, a branch from my yard and a couple of dollar store Christmas ornaments!

This is actually how I am hanging this, not vertically, but horizontally.   I suspended mine with floral wire, you could also use a heavy weight fishing line.  The main pieces of this project are one bunch of Western Cedar and one branch I found in my yard, likely from one of the Sycamore trees that line our street.  The other supplies you will need are some floral wire and some dollar store ornaments.   Take the branches of cedar, one at a time and attach them to the large branch with fine wire.Continue adding cedar to your branch to get the look you want, securing each branch with wire.  You don’t want any of the evergreens falling down on your guests or your table.  Use the wires to thread beneath the cedar and around the large branch and form a little hook like I have done above.  This way you will be able to space your ornaments exactly where you want after you have added your cedar and see how it drapes.  You will use these wires to hang ornaments from them.

Hang ornaments of your choice using transparent thread, hooking it on the wire hooks spaced all along your branch.  That is it!  This is an easy and inexpensive project that can hang above your table and will impress your guests!A hanging arrangement for over your holiday table.


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  1. Could you explain more as to where to place the green wire, I’m not getting it/ Like the idea, very neat.

    1. I threaded the green wires over and around the main branch to hold the ornaments. I added them after I added the greenery so I knew where I wanted to hang them. So feed the wire beneath your greenery, but over the main branch. I hope that helps. I will be doing this project Live on Hometalk’s Facebook page at 1 PM Eastern time if you want to watch. The video will be on my Facebook page afterwards for you to refer to.

    1. Oh, I should have added that, thanks for asking, Carole! I used regular ‘swag lamp chain’ hooks.

  2. Di you attach to your light fixture? I would like to see it actual hanging over the table!
    I am thinking over my center Island!!

    Thank you..

    1. I think it would look fantastic over an island! I considered hanging it over my bar! Send me a picture! I would love to see your twist on this easy project!

  3. I really enjoyed watching you create this along with all the other things you did (lots)! You are a wonderful designer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    You show each step and explain how to do things.

  4. This gave me an excellent idea for my farmhouse dining area. It is beautifully done.
    Thank you

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