Host a Pallet Picnic!

Summer is coming and I am ready to entertain friends and family, how about you? There are so many fun ways to entertain at home in the summer. One of the creative ways folks have been hosting backyard picnics is by using pallets.

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I just happened to have a couple of pallets that were delivered with my new bathtub. I would have prefered a pair of pallets that matched, but these worked okay. I rolled out a spare rug I had for a nice base. If you don’t have a spare rug, an outdoor patio rug would work really well.

My backyard isn’t flat, so I needed to level my pallets. You can see how I used a couple of wooden boxes under the edge of the pallets to raise them up on one side and keep them level for serving food and drinks. You can also stack pallets to make your table higher if you would like. You really want to have a flat area for each place setting. You don’t want people to set their beverage down and have it go down between the boards of the pallets and spill. I used a set of slate placemats for that purpose. Alternative ideas would be cutting boards or pieces of plywood that you cut to size.

The color scheme for this evening was blue, and I wanted to go with a little bit of a boho feel. These blue and natural color placemats were the perfect choice to top the slate boards.

Stemware didn’t seem to be the correct choice so, I selected these ice tea glasses with wicker sleeves. These would be perfect for any beverage my guests would want, or I plan on serving.

When it was time to set the table, I chose wooden handled flatware and white Lenox dinner plates in the Chelse Muse Fleur pattern.

The napkin selection was easy, steel blue napkins which were knotted topped each plate. The weight of the knot kept the napkins from blowing in the breeze.

It was time for my centerpiece! I have a collection of large demijohns. I used battery operated lights and added them down into each jar. For the jars with a neck too small to accommodate the battery pack, I just let the wire go down the side of the jar and hid the battery pack down under the pallets.

For a picnic like this, the more pillows, the better! I added lots of oversized pillows so that guests could get comfy around our pallet table.

The darker it got, the more magical the twinkle lights in the jars looked. This made for a wonderful evening with friends.

As the sun set and it got darker, the battery operated lights I put inside the jars added a lovely glow to the ‘table’.

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  1. I love the lights in the big glass jars. This is so lush looking. I want to copy it. I’m glad you were able to put your pallets to use.

  2. I have placemats just like that! I love this idea and love love love the lights too. What a fun and easy way to have a picnic outside. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Chloe that is magazine worthy! I love the blues and natural woods you used and, of course, the little lights! Soon it will be lightning bug season. That’s what they remind me of! You always have such great ideas.

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