Decorating with Blue and White Chinoiserie

Blue and white chinoiserie decor is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home. You don’t have to invest in expensive Chinese porcelain ginger jars to incorporate their style into your decorating.

What is chinoiserie?

Chinoiserie is a decorative European style that imitates the design and art of Asian countries, particularly that China and Japan. First appearing as early as the early 1600’s, even though you might think this developed in China, chinoiserie is a European creation. You will find oriental scenes, stylized bird and flower motifs expressed in chinoiserie patterns on more than just vases and jars, to include wallpaper, fabric, artwork and more. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t think of chinoiserie as cultural appropriation, however. During the rise of the popularity of chinoiserie it was not the goal to copy Asian art, it was the desire of the European’s curiosity of a culture and country to which few traveled.

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A blue and white tablescape with a chinoiserie container filled with green chrysanthemums.

You don’t need to use extraordinary care when mixing colors with your blue and white chinoiserie pieces, as they tend to go well with many different colors. Here I set a blue and white table and used the bright green chrysanthemums as a contrast. I have even seen chinoiserie incorporated into a red bedroom.

A blue and white porcelain container filled with fall silk flowers and a pumpkin.

These beautiful pieces work particularly well with orange, so autumn is a great time to put them to use throughout your home incorporating a range of fall color.

A china plate with silver polka dots and a white plate with a red rim and a blue and white cloth napkin.

I used a blue & white napkin with a more ornate pattern on this red, white and blue tablescape.

A blue and white chinoiserie lamp on a wicker table.

Chinoiserie is certainly not reserved for tablescapes. Here is my dark blue sofa in my living room with the chinoiserie lamps I use on my end tables.

A blue and white container on a blue an white patterned tablecloth with pink peonies in it.

You can incorporate chinoiserie by arranging flowers in any blue & white container like the one above that I picked up at Home Goods. The good news is you can mix different patterns like I have on the table above. I used several different chinoiserie style vases to display bright pink peonies on this table.

A white christmas tablescape with tall blue candles in crystal candle holders.  Slate blue bows tied on floral chairs and a pair of blue and white vases filled with cedar boughs.

During the holidays I like to fill my extra large chinoiserie vases with evergreen boughs. You can see more of this on my holiday home tour.

A busy living room with a table with blue and white tablecloth on it and books stacked on the table and blue and white vase filled with large green leaves.

If you are looking for more inspiration for incorporating chinoiserie into your home decorating, take a look at the Southern Living Idea House from a couple of years ago! You will find little chinoiserie accents everywhere!

Here are some great options for you to add chinoiserie to your interior!

Which one Wednesday?

High end chinoiserie choices:

A variety of blue and white chinoiserie pillows, plates, jars and lamps.

Chinoiserie lamp – $509.15
Koi pillow – $80.00
Blue peacock pillow – $103.50
Set of 4 appetizer plates – $119.96
Chinoiserie ginger jar – $89.00

Grand total of the high end products: $901.61

Low end chinoiserie choices:

A variety of blue and white chinoiserie pillows, plates, jars and lamps.

Chinoiserie lamp – $52.99
Pillow cover – $9.98
Pillow cover – $12.99
Set of 4 appetizer plates – $69.95
Chinoiserie ginger jar – $29.00

Grand total of the lower end products: $174.91

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  1. Great high and low alternatives. The pillows Chinoiserie on Amazon are a steal, but most of all I love how you use them for the holidays. I never would have thought it would work, but it’s beautiful.

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