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How to Make a Disney Wreath

How to Make a Disney Wreath 

Let’s start by making some Mickey-themed ornaments! 

Select three shatterproof (NOT GLASS) ornaments that you feel are the correct size for a Mickey head and his two ears. 

Use a glue gun without any glue in it to melt a hole in the larger of the ornament.  

Gently remove the caps from the two smaller ornaments.  Your ornaments will look like this.  

Stick the small ornaments into the holes, sucre with a little bit of hot glue to secure. 

Time to make the wreath! 

Any basic wreath will work for this project and there are lots of sales right now!  Try to find one with ornaments that are secured well to the wreath like this one. 

Use hot glue to attach your Mickey ornaments to the ornaments that are already on your wreath.  Make sure you glue the Mickey ornaments to at least two spots on the other ornaments.  Continue to add your Mickey ornaments all the way around your wreath.  I decided to alternate red with black ornaments.  

Your Mickey wreath is finished and ready to display on your front door!  Merry Disney Christmas to you!  

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