How to Make a Rose Heart Centerpiece

When my grocery store has roses on sale buy one/get one I just can’t resist! Seriously, two dozen roses for $11.99!! So I picked up FOUR dozen the other day and decided I was going to make a Valentine’s arrangement with some of them!

I have this fun red heart shaped quiche or pie dish that I have used to make a quiche for a Valentine’s breakfast many times.

This project calls for just one block of wet floral foam soaked completely.

Cut the block of floral foam down the middle as shown.

For my dish, one piece of the foam fit in one side of the dish perfectly.

I set the other half on top of the dish and trimmed it to fill in the remaining half of the dish.

Here is how it should look.

This is such an easy arrangement to make, you don’t have to have any special talents! Just cut the flower stems about 3 inches long and push them down into the floral foam. Start in the center of the heart. I began with the lightest pink roses I had.

Work around the center flower, adding more roses.

As you get toward the edges, you will want to lean your blooms toward the outside of your dish.

I did not have enough of just one color of rose, so I had an ombre effect with darker pink roses on the edges.

Here is the finished heart!

I set mine on my table and added some trailing ivy around the edge of the pie plate for contrast. It will make a lovely centerpiece to enjoy for several days now!

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