How to Make a Jaw-Dropping Floral Swag

Make a Jaw Dropping Floral Swag

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The last swag I made was a lot of pale pinks for Valentine’s Day.  I have enjoyed that one on my front door, but I was ready for a change.  I considered Easter Lilies, but I was thought if I went with some different lilies, I could leave the swag up a little longer.  It can be difficult to follow along the step by step adding of the flowers and foliage, so I have included a video for this one!

Build Your Base:

I begin all of my swags with a block of styrofoam.  This is a standard size that is about 2 inches by 4 inches by 12 inches.  Here is a link for getting your styrofoam blocks!  

The first step to making your swag is to give yourself a hanger to hang it from the door where you will be displaying it.  I like to use a paper wrapped wire.  Push both ends of the wire through the foam, but DO NOT pull it all the way down tight agains the foam.  If you do, it can cut right through the foam.  Cut a pipe cleaner in half with a pair of wire cutters.  

Take each half of the pipe cleaner and bend it as shown, or in and “M” or “W” shape. 

Take that squiggly piece of pipe cleaner and put it down beneath the wire and then you can pull the wire tight.  That pipe cleaner will keep the wire from cutting through your foam.  Use the other half of the pipe cleaner on the back of your foam and then twist the ends of the wire and make a circle to hang your swag on a hook on your door.

Add Flowers:

You can make a swag like this without a Steelpix machine, but it sure makes everything easier!  The alternative is to use wood wired sticks.  Prepare to begin making your swag by using wire cutters to cut the flowers and greenery you are going to use off of the bushes or stems they come on and then adding a steel pick or a wood wired stick to each piece.  Greenery and flowers are ready to use! 

Time to start having fun and designing a beautiful floral swag for your front door!  If you would like, you can just follow along on the video below or follow these steps.  Begin with a few green leaves.  I usually start my swags with more greenery, but I really wanted these three lilies to be the stars of this swag and I didn’t want to waste greenery behind the lilies when it was not going to show at all.  After adding the lilies, I began shaping the swag with longer pieces of greenery to the bottom and some smaller pieces to the top.  Don’t overlook any of the foliage from the stems of flowers.  For this swag I added lily leaves to coordinate with the lilies used in the swag.Time to add additional flowers!  For length I selected white wisteria.  You can add as many different flowers and whatever colors you would prefer for your swag.

Almost finished!  Incorporating more white blooms and some variegated  A few more tweaks and the swag is ready to hang on the front door! 

My door is decked for Spring with beautiful white lilies and yours can be too!  

If you prefer, you can watch the video and follow along!  


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  1. This is so pretty and your illustrations for making this swag is just what beginners need to complete
    this project!!
    Pat from Florida!

    1. Chloe, I love Celebration! Have been there several time especially love Christmas there!!
      I am in The Villages. Been here for 11 years. Getting way too big and crowded now.
      Thanks again for your website,

  2. Chloe, I love Celebration! Have been there several time especially love Christmas there!!
    I am in The Villages. Been here for 11 years. Getting way too big and crowded now.
    Thanks again for your website,

  3. Chloe, you did an absolutely stunning job on your beautiful swag! I love it. Thank you so much for popping over and sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things party! I’ll be featuring your Beautiful floral sway tomorrow at our party! Pinned away! Happy weekend wishes to you!

  4. I have learned so much from you! Thank you a hundred times over! My front door and surround game has really changed for the better. Right now, I’m making side swags for Halloween and fall, and I think that the first one came out rather well. The second one will not be a perfect match — the foundation will be identical, but the accents will be different as I find too much matching boring and offers no additional eye-candy.
    But you are incredible! And a very thoughtful teacher and sharer of your special creativity and craft, and once again, I truly thank you!
    I hope you and yours’ enjoy a wonderful autumn!

  5. Chloe, your swag is beautiful. I would love to feature this swag and link back to you on my Friday with Friends post on May 15th!

    If you comfortable with this give me an ok at my email.

    My Hubbard Home

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