How to make this DIY Spring Decoration so neighbors will stop to admire your Front Porch

For me, it is time to think about SPRING! This project is a great way to welcome spring. Adding some pops of color to your home will lift your spirits and get you thinking bout warmer months ahead! I created these as a front porch decor idea, but they would look just as cheery for a spring mantel or hearth! I am sure you will find these the perfect addition to your beautiful home for springtime.

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Gather your supplies:

The first thing to do is to shop the craft stores for your supplies. These are the basics I used, a garden urn, a mossy bunny and some artificial spring flowers. Instead of bunnies, you might decide to use large Easter eggs which will work just as well for this project. Most any container will work for this project. I selected this sweet green flocked bunny so that I can use this now, this whole season and on through Easter. You will find a complete list of supplies needed for this spring craft at the end of this post.

Bright yellow flowers will help to add that pop of spring to your arrangements. I suggest using soft pink, lavender and sunny yellow blooms. You may go with pale hues for a delicate look to your decoration or go bold and brilliant with vibrant colors. Just select a color scheme that says spring to your eye!

Let’s put it together:

Follow my step by step tutorial for this diy project and you will have a beautiful spring arrangement in no time at all!

Wedge a piece of styrofoam or dry floral foam in your container. You will want to make sure whichever you use, that it is situated firmly in your container.

I suggest you secure the foam with waterproof floral tape. After taping across the top of your container, add a second little piece as shown above to make sure the tape stays secure. You may use one piece or do an “X” over the top of your container to secure the foam. This is your base, so you don’t want it wobbling.

Stick two wooden skewers into the bottom of the rabbit at intervals so that it will stand up and be supported by the skewers when stuck into the foam.

If your skewers are very long, like mine were, you may need to cut them to shorten them. I used wire cutters to just snip them at a preferred length.

Now you can stick the skewers down into the styrofoam. Make sure that your bunny is sitting straight and rearrange the skewers if needed.

Your bunny should be looking like this. You will want to push him all the way down into the foam for the next step, even though you will pull him up slightly later.

Time to add the florals! I have really enjoyed working with all of the faux wisteria that has been available lately. I chose it for this arrangement so that it would drape down around the pot. If you have a tall container similar to this one, you may want to use some wisteria, too!

Make sure you add some of the greenery that comes with the artificial flowers. The contrast of the greenery against the blooms will add to the beauty of your finished arrangement. The flowers I used all had stiff enough stems that they would push right down into the styrofoam. If you have flowers or foliage with flimsy stems, you can always use wood wired sticks to secure them in the styrofoam.

Turn your arrangement around and make sure you add florals to the back of the arrangement also. I love the vibrance of the pink flowers of cherry blossom branches, so I added some of these to my arrangement. Any spring blossoms, like tulips could also be used in your arrangement.

Keep adding your florals until you are happy with how your arrangement looks. I love the pastel colors this time of year, don’t you?

The addition of a pink and white gingham bow was just the finishing touch to this pretty arrangement.

These sweet little bunnies topping the arrangements are a wonderful way to style a charming front porch for early spring. I love how they flank my front door. I will be making a beautiful wreath to coordinate with these next week! I look forward to sharing it with you too!


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  1. This is such a beautiful display Chloe. I think that the green bunnies are a show stopper. The urns are beautiful and lend an inviting touch to your porch.

  2. Oh Chloe, this is so cute. I have to try your ideas here – just have to find a big enough moss bunny! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  3. Great Idea! I am difinately going to make these, so adorable. Can you please tell me what size urn & bunny you used. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. Our pet rabbit sadly passed away this year and we are really struggling with it. This felt like the perfect way to honor her. We miss so much about her, even down to the regular visits from the upholstery cleaner to remove her urine stains. I honestly can say thank you enough for this.

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