Truck with Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

Vintage Red Truck with Christmas Tree

Red Truck with Christmas Tree

I don’t know what the “thing” is about a red truck with Christmas tree in the back, but it is a “thing”.  Everywhere you look you can find these cute little ornaments, pillows, dishes, and more, all with a red truck with a Christmas tree in the back.  I have never had a truck, let alone a red one.  I have gotten a live Christmas tree, but it was usually brought home on top of the car.  I cannot deny that I think those cute little images of the red truck with the tree tug at my heartstrings though.  I don’t know if it is the nostalgic look, the idea of the the family going out in a truck to bring home the tree or just the cute colors of the red truck and the green tree.  I got so inspired that I had to jump into the fray with this my Rustic Red Truck Tablescape!  This one was a couple of years ago, but I will be sharing another version this coming week!

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.Red Truck with a Christmas Tree and a black lab

I would sure enjoy serving up cookies and hot chocolate to friends or family on this fun Christmas platter featuring a red pickup truck with a black lab ready to greet you.    Everything about these says snuggle up for Christmas to me.

How about a cute little red truck that lights up?  You could add this one to your mantel and Santa will deliver the trees right to you!


Red pick up truck with a tree in the back Christmas Ornament.


I decided I had to search across the internet and find all of the things that are out there adorned with that little red truck.  This is a cute little Kurt Adler Christmas ornament.  I like the lights trimming the truck but the wheels look a little like the Flintstone’s cars with one giant wheel in front and back.  Can you tell I watched too much television as a child?


I don’t yet know exactly how I will decorate my tree in my new home, but I am thinking it will be more coastal, so this might be the little red truck object for me.  I would love tucking this little Merry Christmas pillow on one of my new leather sofas (which won’t be arriving until after Christmas this year), or out on my front porch on the double rocker.

Displaying an old red toy pick up truck with a tree in the back for Christmas.

Manuela over at The Cultivated Nest  got so creative, she just found a little old toy truck and added a Christmas tree to the back.  This made an adorable addition to her holiday bookshelves.  I have been on the lookout for one of the trucks, I haven’t found one yet.  If you see one, you might want to snatch it up.

Perhaps you want to wear your little red truck with the Christmas tree.  This cute little antique truck comes with a Merry Christmas message on it.   

Red pick up truck with a christmas tree in the back.

At Our Southern Home, Christy used this little truck as a centerpiece for a Christmas brunch table.  She found this vintage truck over on Ebay, what a find!

How sweet is this card?  These might be what I decide to send out this year!  You can get a box of them delivered right to you from Amazon.  

Christmas table runner featuring a red pick up truck with a tree in the back

I might have to order this cute table runner with this red truck with the Christmas tree featured at each end of it.  This would set the stage for a casual country Christmas table, perfect for a brunch or casual get together.

Red truck christmas cookies with a tree in the back

Bridget creates over at Bake at 350, and she has amazing talent!  She brought that little truck into a delicious cookie, just perfect for Christmas.  She gives you a great tutorial on her blog.  You can find the truck with a tree cookie cutter, you can find it by clicking on that link.

Can you believe this pair (yes BOTH!) of pillow covers are just $4.99?  Get these for your cozy Christmas decorating now!  

How about a pair of sweet guest towels exclaiming what we all are dreaming of…being home and having those we love home with us for Christmas!  

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  1. I found a red vintage truck recently but didn’t buy it because it was a little pricey, but I’ve regretted it ever since!! I love those dishes, adorable!

  2. Target has a really cute pillow with a red woodie station wagon I’m already using it with my red Winter comforter. Reminds me of my childhood 🙂

  3. I think it’s that nostalgic classic look that comes to mind with the red truck and Christmas tree. I bought a Christmas ornament from Pottery Barn a few years ago with a red car and tree on the top and I love it! Great finds! My friend has a black lab and would love that pillow and those cookies are adorable!

  4. So true! We used to have a lot of colorful Christmas tree tains too. At our next party, I am featuring your post as one of my Editor’s Picks from this week’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop … congrats! ♥

  5. I found a very similar red truck at Hobby Lobby and it was 50% off this week! Debated about getting it….then decided I’d regret it if I did not get it. Thought my hubby would think I was crazy but he loved it too!

  6. Chloe, thanks so much for posting all these wonderful vintage truck with trees. I was able to purchase the salt and pepper set, AND JUST LOVE THEM. Thanks so much. They are soooo cute with my “Woody” plates from WalMart. Merry Christmas

  7. A great round up of ‘trucks’ – love all of the creative ideas. I’ve been looking for a turquoise, vintage, metal truck for years to use at Christmas. Still looking! I’ve seen a few but they were way more than I wanted to pay. I know there’s one out there somewhere!

  8. Love the little red truck! I grew up on a small farm and we always had a pickup truck! Christmas was not the ‘gimme gimme gimme’ holiday that it is today. Saddens me to see people so concerned with things, instead of each other. The red truck with the tree just cries for going back to a simpler celebration where we remember what is really important. Love your style, Chloe! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. I love the red truck it remind me when i was little. My mother family had a farm and we always went to the farm on Christmas and Sunday they had a green truck just like the red one.Now all of them have past on, I so wish we could go back in time. What great memories I do have of the Family Farm !

  10. We LOVE the red trucks with the Christmas Tree in the back. We sell Christmas Trees, and have a red truck! So, we have been buying just about everything we see with the red truck & Tree!

  11. Ms. Chloe
    Happy New Year Happy Birthday
    I was very impressed with the Santa Claus trucks
    Do more Santa Claus trucks
    Is it metal or wood
      Name Refat Hilmi from Egypt

  12. I had no idea these trucks are so popular. I received one for Christmas and I really don’t care for the look but I have to keep it because a good friend gave it to me. If I could give it away, I would.

    1. Oh my, Marty! Maybe you can find something to do with it that will make it more tolerable! I have a coastal style home, so it isn’t the norm in decor for me, but I bring one out for Christmas on occasion.

    2. My husband rebuilt a 52′ Ford pick up and painted it silver and red. I helped put the running boards on while my husband had to stand on the running boards and I got under the truck and attached the running boards unto the truck. The motor went out on the truck. Due to my husband ill health we decided best that we sell it. We sold it last January in the Line Chaser. My husband died 3 months ago. So I have been looking for whatever on Line. I am currently looking for a decal for my car/many to choose from. I will be purchasing one soon. I decided to give it a shot and see what you have. Thank You.

      1. Oh my, what an exciting project that must have been. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I don’t have any decals or make them, but there are a lot of people that make great decals and would be happy to make a custom one for you. I would look on Etsy! Thanks for stopping by Celebrate & Decorate!

  13. What is the meaning behind the old red truck with the Christmas tree?? I have read somewhere that it was Saint Nicholas truck.. and it is red because of the blood of Christ.. I am not sure if that is true or not..

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