Decorating the Space for an Elegant Yet Spooky Halloween Dinner Party

With friends coming from across the country I had a great excuse for hosting a Halloween party. I had been searching for Halloween party ideas. I decided a Halloween dinner party was the perfect way to celebrate Halloween! Invitations setting the mood for this party had been sent out. You can see how I created those at Unique & Creative Invitations for your Elegant Halloween Party.

There are so many creative Halloween party themes, but I decided upon, a, “Gathering of Ghosts”. A backdrop of a cemetery would be the perfect look for this adult Halloween party. This comes as large as 72″ x 72″. By drawing the drapes in to the edges of the curtain, as dusk settled in, this gave the appearance of the scene outside of the window.

I found this shower curtain featuring eerie gates into a misty cemetery under a full moon on Amazon. If this doesn’t fit the mood you want to conjure up for your party, check out all of these Halloween inspired shower curtains. The curtain below would have even been better for my window, since it comes as large as 72″wide by 78″ long. This one would cover most sliding glass doors or pair of french doors. The thing I like best about a shower curtain for decorating is that it folds up and takes up such a little bit of space to store for next year! This will be perfect for bringing out for future Halloween parties!

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In addition to the backdrop, candles and lanterns were used generously throughout the room. As the sun set and darkness settled on the room, the glow of taper candles added to the spooky decor as it illuminated each place setting.

I have a small side table in my dining room, so it, too, got the spooky Halloween decoration treatment. A set of creepy spell books, some flameless candles and a vulture added the ominous decor to this side of the room. I could have cropped out the missing baseboards, but that is my little reminder that I had a flood in my house just one week before the party. Of course, it could be this is just a creepy haunted house.

Elsewhere in the room, for safety’s sake I used flameless candles, but the tabletop was laden with candles. Candles in crystal candle holders were allowed to drip down onto the holders. The table was draped in a dark gray bedspread. A piece of black ‘creepy cloth’ was used as a lush runner down the center of the Halloween tablescape.

In addition to the candles, the center of the table held a white pumpkin filled with fresh flowers including dark red roses, mums and miniature carnations arranged with magnolia leaves and black ostrich plumes.

The doorway between the kitchen and my dining room does not have a door. Disguising this area was an easy DIY with creepy cloth and some plain black cloth. You can always use a tablecloth or a sheet to hide a doorway, or use another of those shower curtains!

Supplies for decorating for an elegant Halloween party:

More from this Halloween party will be coming all week right here at Celebrate & Decorate! Don’t miss a single post! Make sure you come back to see how my favorite character, our creepy ghost bride levitated over our dinner table! We did not have a costume contest, but this was the perfect excuse to dress in our ‘spirited best’ to enjoy this ghoul’s night out!

This was a great way to host an adult party for Halloween and I am not sure what I will be planning for next year’s Halloween bash! I know it will include creepy cocktails and a great theme, all part of a good Halloween party! Let me know what great ideas you have for celebrating Halloween! I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. Totally gorgeous Chloe – and amazing! I’m so impressed that you could pull this off with your house flooding just beforehand and houseguests too (SO sorry I couldn’t be one of them!) – you’re a pro! An excellent shower curtain tip too. I would never have thought of that! Thanks as always for your fabulous inspiration and Happy Wednesday!

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Chloe this is amazing. Covering the window with the creepy shower curtain is one of the best ideas ever, thank you for the inspiration. I love the vulture, rarely do you see one in home decor and the levitating bride is jaw-dropping. Spooktacular table!

    1. Thanks so much Sandra! The only reason we got a levitating bride is because she insisted on climbing up to get her own overhead pictures, and when she did, we realized the dress was hiding the step ladder!

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful design. This is the first time I have seen your work. It was a pleasure. Thank you

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