Unique and Creative Invitations for your Elegant Halloween Party

An elegant Halloween party calls for a unique and creative invitation. I rarely send a simple paper party invitation to any celebration I am hosting. I am looking for something that captures my guests’ attention and interest. Don’t you want your guests to be excited to open your invitation? The invitation that has your guests so excited that they wouldn’t think of missing your event is what you should aim for!

When you send an invitation, it is your opportunity to set the mood for your party. No matter if you send a paper invitation or something three dimensional, the invitation is your chance to to express your creativity.

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For me, this dinner party was part of a gathering of bloggers to be held at my home in Florida. My guests were traveling from across the country, so I actually knew ahead of time who would be attending and who would not.

You may create the paper part of your Halloween invitation in any way that you want. I used PicMonkey to make this invitation. For my invitation, I selected 8 x 10 blank canvas. I then used the Bondoni font for my primary words. For the large “of” in the background I used Jellyka Delicious Cake font. Then, I simply played around with the “effects” and “themes” on PicMonkey to get the spooky look I was going for. This was printed on plain white printer paper. Another option is for you to pick up some unique scrapbook paper or vellum and print your invitation on that. I did not want to print on vellum, so that I could include detailed party invitation wording on the back of the paper. Use the back to include items, like how you would like your guests to dress, RSVP, etc. That lets you keep the front of your invitation artistic like this one.

I found these fun little cardboard coffin boxes on Amazon.

These would be the perfect little boxes to hold my invitations! The challenge for me was the folding process. As I folded, each one went together a little easier. If you don’t want to have to fold, there are a lot of options for these kinds of boxes. There are even wooden ones with latches if you want to paint yours to match your party decor. Can you imagine how cool those wooden ones would look with some great spooky scrapbook paper decoupaged onto them?

After folding the boxes, cut pieces of gray cheesecloth or Halloween “creepy cloth” in small enough pieces so that you can line your boxes with it. Have enough that you can wrap it around your invitation.

Roll your invitation ever so gently, so as not to crease it and tie it with a ribbon.

Your invitations will be ready to wrap up and mail off to your guests! You may mail these or hand deliver these invitations. If you need to mail them, you may wrap them in brown paper and address them or you might want to find boxes to slip these into. If you are putting these into larger boxes, consider adding more of the cheesecloth or some other little Halloween decor items into the box with the invitation.

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Supplies for these invitations:

Don’t miss it…the rest of the details on this ghostly gathering…coming later this week…

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