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Make Puppy Dog Cup Cakes

Make Puppy Dog Cupcakes

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Start out with some cupcakes!  Use whatever recipe or box mix you like.  I am not a baking maven, if you are looking for a great cake recipe, visit my friend, Sandra’s blog at Sweet Sensations!

Besides the cupcakes, you will need frosting, caramels, red Airheads candy, brown M & M’s and some candy eyes.  

Using your choice of frosting (I used canned frosting) frost a cupcake with a generous amount of frosting using a knife.  Next, take the knife and pat the frosting all over, raising it into peaks like shown above.  Use a decorating bag filled with frosting and a #18 decorating tip.  Toward one side of the cupcake make a mound with the frosting.  I have shown you in the photo above where to make the mound.  This is an economical set of decorating tips and bags if you don’t have one:  42 Piece Decorating Set

Take a piece of an Airhead candy and form it into a tongue for your puppy.  Stick the tongue into the bottom of the mound of frosting and add a brown M & M as a nose.  Your puppy is starting to take shape.  Add a pair of candy eyes and your puppy will begin to take on personality. Doing the same thing with the caramels, cut each square caramel in half.  Using half of a caramel, use your clean hands to mold the candy into an ear.  Repeat for a second ear.  You can get creative with the ears, looking at what I have done in the photos below.  To make brown dogs, you can mix chocolate frosting with white until you get the color you want or use this delicious salted caramel frosting.  Here is a collection of the cute puppy dog cupcakes!  Get creative and make yours unique!  Maybe your favorite puppy has pointy ears like this!  My granddaughters loved these puppy dog cupcakes, and I am sure someone in your life will love them, too!  

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  1. Chloe, these are beyond adorable!! What a creative idea! National Dog Day is on the 26th so be sure to share them again then! So cute!

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