How to Make Seashell Chargers

Did you see my summer beach tablescape from the blog hop last week?  I really had this vision in my head of what I wanted my table to look like.  I really wanted neutrals, but also pops of white.  At first I thought I might just find some white chargers or paint some that I had, but after trying my dishes on them I knew I wanted to adorn them with seashells.  I will show you how to make seashell chargers.How To Make Seashell Charger

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How to make Seashell chargers

DIY Shell chargers

I have quite a few of these standard plastic chargers in silver and gold, but many of them have been scratched.  I selected the ones that were in the worst shape and began to paint them.

DIY Shell chargers

Make sure that you lay out all of your shells before you begin gluing them down so that you are sure you have the right shells and right sizes of shells that will fit all the way around your charger.  I had to do a little switching them out to make sure they would fit without any gaps by the time I got all the way around the plate.  In the above photo the shells are all just laying on the charger, none had been attached yet.

DIY Shell Chargers

You can see the detail of how I glued the shells in this close up pictures. I didn’t worry about the glue ‘webs’ until I had completed a charger, then after using my fingers, I used a dry toothbrush to catch all of the rest of the little webs.DIY Shell Chargers

Once you know the shells will fit and fill the edge of your chargers, you start gluing!  Watch your fingers, you know that glue is hot!

DIY Shell chargers

I used two different kinds of shells to make different chargers.  I used the white ones in a double row, I think they are cut ribbed arc shells.  I used the brown and white ones that I think are alphabet cones.  DIY Seashell ChargersYou do need to keep trying your plates on the chargers as you begin to glue down your shells, as a large dinner plate may bump the shells.  Another solution is to use a salad plate that will support your dinner plate a little higher so it will clear the shells.  I used that technique with a salad that supported the dinner plate without it moving around.  DIY Shell chargersThis is the salad plate that I used beneath my dinner plates to raise the plate up just enough that they did not bump the shells.

How to make Seashell chargersDIY Seashell Chargers

I think these were a perfect addition to my Summer Beach Tablescape!  I am sure I will use these again in the future…maybe when I head to the beach for a real tablescape on an actual beach!  While you have the shells and the glue gun out, why not DIY these Coastal Napkin Rings?

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  1. It was so clever of you to embellish the chargers with shells and make the napkin rings too. To me, everytime I look at your post I see more details that really fit together to make it a rock star post.

    I have not thought of spray painting chargers before! Wish I had known before I bought 10 pottery chargers that take up a bunch of space.

    Thanks, Chloe

  2. This is a great tutorial Chloe, I love the tip about using the salad plate underneath, very clever! I made 1 shell charger a few years ago, but was too lazy to make a set 🙂 I just use mine as a base for a centerpiece on the table. Your table from the hop was one of my very favorites!

  3. The place settings look great. I love easy they were to put together. Did you buy the napkin ring holders or make those too? Thanks for sharing on the Pinterest Game!

  4. These are gorgeous. I kept wondering how the dinner plate didn’t smash or break the shells – using a salad plate underneath to lift up the plate is genius! Thank you for sharing on Family Joy Blog Link-Up Party. Have a great week!

      1. Good instructions. However, regarding using the salad plate to lift the dinner plate: Is there any reason why you can’t turn the charger upside down, thus raising the center to take the plate while the shells are lower along the wide edge? These days people make personalized chargers using all sorts of things other than seashells, i.e. beads, stones, dried or faux flowers or grasses, etc. Using the backside of the charger seems the best way to go. And it doesn’t matter that the edges of the charger lays against the table or tablecloth, because the charger usually remains in place throughout the entire meal.

  5. So pretty! I’m into all things seashells, so this is something I’ll have to make to add to my new craft obsession. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday. This will be a featured pick. Pinned.

  6. This is such a sweet idea Chloe. The little seashells take it to a whole other level. And each one is so unique with its own set of shells. Beautifully done and nice match with the napkin holders. Pinning and sharing.

  7. Wow, your chargers are gorgeous! I love how you styled them!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I have chosen your amazing post to be featured at the next Friday Favorites Party!! Hope to see you there – Hugs, Christine at Light And Savvy.

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