Redefining My Blog

Redefining My Blog

After spending time at the Haven Conference in Charleston last weekend, I felt it was time for redefining my blog.  Don’t worry, I won’t stop sharing what is going on with my coastal style cottage or offering up tutorials for crafty projects to make your home your own.

What is Haven?

First off you might be thinking…”I have no idea what Haven is.”  Haven is an annual DIY and Decorating Professional Blogging Conference.  The conference runs from Thursday evening to Saturday evening and is filled with speakers and sponsors and so much fun!  Although this conference is geared toward those in the DIY and Decorating fields, if you are a blogger looking for tips, inspirations and help with your blog, this is a great place to be!

I want to hear from you!!

I really care about you, my readers!  You are important to me.  Yes, I am styling a coastal style home and you might love farmhouse style.  That doesn’t mean I don’t welcome you and that some of the things I share might not be just what you want to see, but I want to hear from you!  Send me emails, comment below, message me on Facebook or direct message me on Instagram.  Don’t know where to find those links?
[email protected]

What will I be sharing?

I don’t think you will be noticing a lot of changes here on Celebrate and Decorate.  I just will be sharing a clearer vision and trying to rotate through these topics on a regular basis.

My Home:

I will continue to share house projects like my Fireplace Saga.  Who redesigns a fireplace and then has to rip it all out less than a year later?  House projects


I will never stop styling pretty tables for different seasons, holidays and occasions.  Did you see my Winter Wonderland Tablescape?  Tablescapes and tablestyling

Craft Projects:

Are you the one who comes to Celebrate & Decorate for those craft tutorials?  No worries!  I will still be sharing all kinds of creative crafts like my Seashell Chargers.  Craft projects.

Seasonal Decor:

Do you need ideas for seasonal decorating? I love to deck out the house for every season or holiday, so this will be the place to come for ideas like how I decorated my Patriotic Porch!

Seasonal and holiday decorations.Entertaining:

I still love entertaining and I look forward to sharing my entertaining ideas, from recipes, to party decorations, invitations and all of those details you need to host your next event, be it large or small!  Do you know how to make an Ice Bowl?
Entertaining ideas.


I needed one more category…

This is where you will find everything else, Link Parties, personal stories, blogging advice and lifestyle articles.  If you can’t find it anyplace else, try this tab!

In conclusion…

Let me know what you think about how I am redefining my blog.  I would love to hear from you.  I will be trying to rotate through these topics on a regular basis and I will be sharing them all on social media, too!  I hope this will make it easier to find things here at Celebrate & Decorate!  Thanks for coming by!






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  1. It is nice to have an inspiring time, to come home with fresh ideas. I think my blog has been a melange since its beginning, but I never thought of it with that way, great word!! I’ve enjoyed reading about all your projects, and love the seasons like you do!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Carole! You are so right about getting away from the day in and day out and be around all of those inspiring people sends you home re-invigorated.

  2. Melange seems to be the perfect word. I haven’t been to Haven, but I know it is inspiring. I always think a clearer vision is a great idea. I love your blog and your DIY tutorials are so helpful for a non-DIY’er like myself. Continue on my friend, you do it all with excellence.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Pam. Any time away where you can reflect on things is good for the soul, isn’t it? I try to keep my DIY’s and craft tutorials step by step so they can easily be followed. I just keep plugging away!

  3. You ace everything you do Chloe and I love all of your projects. As others have said I’m not much of a DIY’Dr but you never know where you will find inspiration.

    1. Oh, Sandra, you are too, too kind! I do love to come up with unique home and holiday decor projects to share, and I don’t see that changing! Sending hugs my friend!

  4. You are a very talented lady Chloe, you do everything with such creativity. Your work is inspirational and for someone like me who is also a DIY person, I do appreciate everything you do. Melange is truly an appropriate word for your new endeavor.

  5. I think we all came away with something new from Haven…among my take-a-ways is a sudden desire to curl up and take a nap. LOL

    Sooooo much information and soooooo many ideas and inspiration.

    I like Melange…I am definitely a mixture medley assortment.

    1. Oh my Kari!! That is so funny! I did crash on Sunday after I got home (although I listened to some great inspiring podcasts on the drive) but on Monday I hit the ground running! I don’t think I have ever been so inspired with the blog. Just connecting to new people and new ideas! I am sorry we didn’t get to spend more time together at Haven…maybe next year!!

  6. Your blog is beautiful, as I live several hundred miles from the nearest ocean coastal does not work for me, but I do love what you create, especially the tablescapes and the seasonal decor. You really don’t have to be a coastal decor home to enjoy your blog.

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