Make this Ornament Archway

Make this impressive ornament archway for your entryway! Some PVC and dollar store ornaments are all that are needed to create this impressive display!

Measure the place you want to place your swag. You can do one at the entrance of your porch or around our front door. Head out to your local home store and pick up some 3/4″ pvc pieces.

Use a hacksaw to cut the pieces of pvc to the correct lengths for your archway.

The black arrows above show where I planned to construct an archway for Christmas. Decide where you are going to want to put your archway and measure it for your pvc.

Use a drill to drill holes all the way through the pvc at each end of each piece of pvc AND about every 24 inches down each length of pvc.

Slip zip ties through all of the holes in the pvc. You will use the zip ties for two things. One will be to hang your archway and the second will be to attach garland and ornaments to the pvc.

Use any inexpensive garland and attach it to the pvc with the zip ties.

Make sure you use the zip ties to secure the garlands securely and then cut the ends of the zip tie short so you no one gets cut on it later.

Gather all of your ornaments. I found bargain shatterproof ornaments both at Dollar Tree and At Home.

This is a VERY important step you can’t afford to skip! Gently remove the cap from your ornaments.

You will be left with this as shown above.

Use a small bead of hot glue around the top of the ornament and put the cap back on so it is secure.

You have different options now. You can use pipe cleaners as I did above, or floral wire or additional zip ties. Cluster the ornaments in groups of four or five and then begin attaching them to the pvc on top of the garland.

Your pieces of pvc will begin to look like this. Keep working down the length of the pvc until you have your pieces as full as you would like.

When your three pieces are done, you can add the upright pieces with extra long zip ties to columns on your house.

Use heavy duty Command brand hooks to attach the horizontal piece to your house. Make extra large loops of zip tie to hang the piece as shown above.

Now you have a fun and festive way to greet guests or even just to bring a smile to those who walk or drive by your home. With a spotlight on these at night, they absolutely glow with their reflective surfaces!

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