Style an Easy Basket Christmas Arrangement

This easy to style Christmas basket makes a beautiful hostess gift or a wonderful arrangement to display anywhere in your home this holiday season!

Start with any basket you have on hand, or pick one up especially for this project! Add a small Christmas tree, (I used and artificial tree) a container with a piece of floral foam in it and just add evergreens, a bow and some small Christmas ornaments!

If your basket is too deep for any of the items, just crumple a few plastic grocery bags in the bottom of it. They will help add some height to the tree and poinsettia in my case.

Add your tree to the basket and use the bags to make it sit straight.

Next tuck the poinsettia into the basket next to the mini Christmas tree.

Lastly, add a container with a piece of wet floral foam to fill out the basket.

To make this really Christmasy, add fresh cedar and white pine tips into the floral foam. Arrange these so that they cover and hide the container. If you still need something else to cover the base of your tree and poinsettia, you can always add some moss.

Keep adding your greenery until the arrangement is full as shown below and add a Christmas bow to the basket.

Select a few small Christmas ornaments, cut a heavy weight wire in half and feed half of it through the top of the ornament and fold it over in half as shown below.

Use the wires on the ornaments to secure them into the floral foam.

Now you have a beautiful Christmas arrangement that is ready to add some holiday decor to your home, or the home of a lucky recipient.

Alternate additions to your basket:

You can always add pinecones, or Christmas picks to your basket to customize to your liking. Remember, if you don’t like how it is turning out, take it apart and start over again! There is no right or wrong way to make this, so make it personally yours!

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